On the spot with Lovely Wife – INTERVIEW

I had a quick chat with local noise-niks Lovely Wife…

“We are Lovely Wife. We’ve got Joe on bass noises, & Jamie on drum noises. Sometimes, we even get some other peeps to come play with us. To make a sound this ridiculous, you have to come from North Shields (that other ‘Shields’ we do not mention)”.

How would you describe the bands sound and how has it evolved over the years?

“Well, to be honest, Lovely Wife started out as a joke. We barely practise, yet our overall aim from the start was to just make something really fucking loud. The great thing about improvising is you can get stoned & keep going. That’s our overall motto for the gigs, “just keep going”, haha! We’ve morphed a bit with our sound, it was a bit like a heavy psych version of lightning bolt at the start, going a bit problem rock with our first EP, to ending up sludgy as fuck at the minute.”

You’re competing in the Metal 2 the Masses comp, is that correct?

“Yeah, we’re playing at Trillians on the 7th April. For a battle of the bands, it’s looking like a pretty tasty gig. We’ve played with Druganaut before & they kick tits, but it’s a tough heat. We’ve got half an hour to make an impression. But I’m so tempted to take the piss. It’ll either backfire, or propel us onward to madness hahah!”

What do you think of the current local scene? And are there any bands you’d recommend for people who crave something a bit different to the usual indie pop barrage?

“Newcastle at the minute is fucking buzzing for gigs. There’s literally something for everyone. When you’re having to flip a coin because it’s the only way to decide which mint gig you go to, you know it’s a great scene. You’ve got the Massa Confusa guys, Jonas, Jonny & Kitty, “Lee”, Stuart, & more all putting on gigs & helping each other.
Bands I’d recommend? The Smokin’ Coconuts, Plague Rider, In Evil Hour, & Cave Suns are all pretty much fucking awesome in my eyes.”

The releases so far have been very interesting, really organic sounding. What is the process/setup for these and any plans for more recordings?

“Well, you know how I mentioned that we barely practise? Our practises tend to end up being our recordings. One microphone in the room & we just play, cut it into bits, & fanny on with a bit of compression. Our latest EP, The Names Of Things Have Never Bothered Me, was literally the first 20mins of a practise. Bish bash bosh, done! Plus, it means that we don’t have many overheads, which makes Lovely Wife the only band I’ve been in that is consistently in the black! Result!”

“The next EP is gonna continue with this, but we’re planning on bringing a few different people in to record with. Kinda like an improv-doom version of Sly & Robbie. We’ve got Jon Skronk (Smokin Coconuts, The Shits) coming back to do some guitar, Rob (Platemaker,Prolefeed) coming to make a din, the Twice The Trauma lads, James Watts (Gary, Dolmen) shouting things, & more. The next EP is gonna be awesome!”



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