Trillians new food menu, pub grub done right! – REVIEW and PHOTOS

A simple food shoot turned into an indulgent feast. Dave was so impressed with the grub on offer at our beloved Trillians that he decided to pen an enthusiastic review of his epic Man vs Food style adventure. The photos might not quite give a hint at just how filling the meals are! A relaxed bar, good music, good beer, wallet friendly prices, friendly staff and now awesome food. Most certainly Blank Slate approved!!

Trillians food review 2016

Written by David Hall
Photos by Graeme J. Baty

I accompanied GJB to Trillians Rock Bar in the heart of Newcastle, in order to help him shoot some promo shots of their newly revamped food menu.

Initially GJB had procured my help so that I could assist with the lights and reflectors needed to get the necessary ‘glamour’ shots of the food.

After one setup GJB had the process in the bag and I removed the first dish, donating it to Chris the bartender, who I recognised from his membership in local band BCxDC. Chris is a vegan, and the vegan meal looked and smelled delicious, nice to have a legit vegan option in the menu range.

Trillians food review 2016

Then the next dish emerged from the kitchen: a Full English Breakfast. This looked bloody lovely. Two of everything: bacon, eggs, sausages, tomatoes, black pudding, a mound of beans and a thick slice of fried bread. “Dig in when you’ve finished the shot”, said Rob Woodcock, Trillians Chef extraordinaire.

Well, I didn’t have to be told twice, wasting no time in demolishing the plateful before me, washing it down with some 666 beer.

Trillians food review 2016

A cracking ‘breakfast’ it was too, the bacon was crisp tasty and thickly cut, the fried bread was worth a special mention as it was light and golden, not a grease sponge like it can be at lesser establishments.

No sooner had I finished when the next dish was set before me: ‘The Black Sabbath Burger’. This burger was heaped with two slices of black pudding and a wedge of melted stilton, and was accompanied by salad and some awesome chips that were the absolute real deal, proper childhood flashback to home cooked chips with these babies. Rob said he employed a ‘Nanna’s trick’ to get them just right.

I cut the burger in two and the cheese oozed out. The burger pattie looked mouth watering, and combined with the topping of black pudding and cheese was a sight to behold.

The portion was generous, so I halved it with GJB. This was pretty much my perfect idea of a burger, all the flavours combined brilliantly and I’m sure the dish could be a flagship item on the menu.

Before I took my last bite, Rob brought through another burger, this time I was confronted with a whole chicken breast covered in a tantalisingly crisp, homemade, seasoned batter. GJB immediately quarantined the burger from my grasp, but I had no time to mourn its loss, as yet another platter of delight was set before me.

Trillians food review 2016

Beef chilli, served with homemade nachos, and a side of ‘Nanna’s trick’ chips.

Mopping the light glaze of sweat from my brow, I soldiered on. Grabbing a crisp, light nacho, I scooped up some of the gorgeous looking chilli and took my first bite. The first thing I noticed was the freshness of the flavours present. The chilli sauce was the perfect temperature, and didn’t have an acidity to it that can plague this type of dish.

I must have made it halfway through the chilli, when I asked GJB what he thought of the chicken burger: “Fucking great!” came the reply.

Trillians food review 2016

“What about the Black Sabbath burger?” I asked. “That too!” He answered.

I concurred and moved on from the chilli, setting it aside in case I had any room left at the end of my ordeal. Maybe I should have lined my pockets with sandwich bags in order to smuggle it out?

As the room began to spin, two more platefuls were plopped down onto the table: a steaming hunk of chocolate sponge, served with two scoops of vanilla ice cream, and a delicious looking wedge of hot apple pie, again served with two melty scoops of vanilla. I love apple desserts, so grabbing a spoon I dug in. Seconds later the bowl is empty, so I can’t remember much about that one, but it must have been good!

Trillians food review 2016

Washing it down with some more 666, I turned my attention back to the chilli. God, it was good. Just a bit more I told myself, but my stomach was starting to voice its disagreement at this point, and as GJB had finished shooting, the chocolate sponge was sequestered off to another member of bar staff.

Rob sat down to join us at this point, and he had a smashing looking carbonara with two slices of garlic bread. It smelled great.

Trillians food review 2016

The fact that I packed away so much food is testament to the quality on offer. The variety and quality of the dishes available, smack of a great enthusiasm towards food and also a concerted effort to make the menu gel with the reputation of the premises.
Most of all: the food just tasted really good, and came in generous portions.

Trillians food review 2016

The fact that Trillians has a much greater beer selection now, along with the reinvigorated menu, really makes the place stand out much further than a simple rock bar/gig venue.

Ideally located, Trillians has now become a ‘go to’ eatery in my eyes. I mean, two slices of black pudding on a burger? Hell yeah!


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