THERAPY? – Feb 2016 – Northumbria Uni – REVIEW and PHOTOS

Therapy? 27th February 2016, Northumbria Uni

By Gordon Armstrong (G’s Gig Shots)

It’s a bold move going out and playing an album that almost destroyed the band and it’s members in its making . However that’s exactly what Therapy? are doing on this tour with 1995’s Infernal Love and treating it like a celebration!

Therapy? Newcastle Feb 2016
Therapy? Newcastle Feb 2016

From the opener Epilepsy through to closer 30 Seconds they played their hearts out and rekindled my love of this album! The set didn’t stop there though they came back after a short break and pummelled the crowd with a hits and more 12 song “encore” including Nausea, Teethgrinder, Die Laughing, Screamager, etc and during Potato Junkie they even went off on one playing The Police and Nirvana tracks. Andy also paid tribute to the late Dickie Hammond of Leatherface. Having recorded their last few albums here in Newcastle and always having a strong fan base here Therapy? are pretty much home from home here in Toon as many late night revellers would agree when the band all went out to Trillians afterwards for a deserved booze up!

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