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Live Burial – photo by Graeme J Baty

We had a few ales and a chat with local death metallers Live Burial…

“We’re a five piece Death Metal band hailing from Newcastle upon Tyne. We play music in the vein of old school death metal bands from the US British and Euro scenes. Bands such as: Asphyx, Autopsy, Obituary, Entombed and Bolt Thrower. We formed Summer 2012 and the line up features members of Plague Rider and Rat Faced Bastard (fellow extreme metal bands in the region). We’ve been gigging since Spring 2013 and have self released a demo tape and self titled EP.”

The debut album is on the way. How is it progressing and what can we expect from it?

“The whole thing is written, recorded and almost ready to go! We’ve been writing the material since Summer 2014, after we recorded the self titled EP. We had been working on the material right up until we went into First Avenue Studios to record it. This took place in early December and we were delighted to work with Dave Curle once again. After that wrapped, we got to work right away to get the record mixed and mastered. We got in touch with Dan Lowndes of Resonance Sound Studio. He’s worked with several high profile names in the underground scene. Both Dave and Dan have managed to capture the sound we were hoping to realise.

The record is a culmination of all our influences. There are lots of riffs, wild solos, frantic drumming, roaring bass lines and haunting vocals.”

You’ve just been signed to a German label. How did that come about?

“We initially commissioned a tape run of the EP with Polish label ‘Til You Fukkin’ Bleed records. Dunkelheit Produktionen got in touch with us soon after, explaining they had stocked some copies of the tape and really liked what they heard. After that we got talking and previewed the album to them. They responded very positively and it all progressed from there.

We’re now at the stage to begin setting a release date. We’re hoping for late spring release! The album will be available on CD and Vinyl.”

You’re northeast based but I hear Live Burial are making an impression around the world. How do you feel the local scene compares to other places you’ve played/visited?

“I think the local scene can go toe to toe with other places in the UK. Newcastle may lack the numbers compared to bigger cities in other parts of the UK, but the undeniable passion and talent is always there. We have a great variety of bands in the region and this really shows with the wall to wall gigs happening week in, week out. The gigs might not be grim and heavy all the time, but it’s usually very good!”

What is next for Live Burial?

“At the moment, we’re taking everything one step at a time. We are planning an album launch and we’d love to go on tour again.  Our first priority is getting the album out!”

Live Burial

Live Burial

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