First Born Son ‘Define Revolution’ EP – REVIEW

Review by Max Renn

Four piece rockers First Born Son have recently made a splash in the region, supporting some acclaimed bands while also managing to secure a headline spot at the O2 Academy.

first born son ep cover

The bands E.P. ‘Define Revolution’ landed on my desk following a recommendation, so I gave it a spin.

The four tracks present on the E.P. have an average runtime of just over three minutes each. This lends itself well to the bands sound, and with all songs containing the prerequisite of catchy hooks and rock and roll stomp, it allows each track to make its mark but never outstay its welcome.

First song up ‘Fear’ opens with a southern inspired riff and a nice drum through line that takes us into the first verse.

I take note of the EPs production during this song. The band can write some memorable riffs and as I catch them coming back around with each verse I’m a little disappointed with the power of the delivery.  I’m positive that this is more due to the production rather than the performance, and a quick look over at a live clip on YouTube confirms this.

Next song ‘Over Your Shoulder’ is probably my favourite track on the EP, and definitely where the bands sound really gels.  An anthemic sounding track that must surely be a highlight of their set list.

First Born Son - Feb 2016 - Cluny Newcastle

First Born Son – Feb 2016 – Cluny Newcastle

‘Hoosier’ is the third track, and has a nice driving momentum to it, and again we have a sprinkling of southern groove over the riffs, I just wish the mix did the guitars bit more justice as they feel a bit buried during the main body of each song.

Our final track is ‘Bring The pain’ and furthers the bands consistent approach to the E.P with a similar sound to the preceding ‘Hoosier’, but with a wah infused solo that makes it stand apart.

Some may find the level of consistency a bit ‘samey’ with this EP and feel as if the band is playing it safe. Indeed, I found that the production, although reminiscent of other bands out there, and with a particular flavourful swirl of 90’s rock, was a bit toothless, and with an obvious push towards a commercial element. Nothing wrong with that when trying to reach your audience, but it’s a hindrance when it waters your sound down a bit.

Fans of the band will find much to like here, as there has been an obvious push towards consolidating their finer elements, and for me the track ‘Over Your Shoulder’ succeeds with that.

I do feel that the bands sound currently excels in a live setting, and as such this EP would be a definite push towards me catching them live.

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