On the spot with 48Hours – INTERVIEW

Last year I stumbled on this band at a Think Tank show. They were opening for someone, I can’t even remember who if I’m honest. I think 48Hours are to blame for that. They simply stole the show. I was impressed!

A hard working band who give every ounce of energy they have at every gig, they’re building a loyal following. They’re back in Newcastle on the 24th Feb, playing with our pals in Didact. I had a quick chat with Gary ahead of the tour…

Exclusive link to pre-order their new album HERE!!

48Hours - Newcastle March 2015

48Hours – Newcastle March 2015

“I’m Gary. I play bass and do backing vocals and press some buttons on an iPad! Adam is the lead song writer, lead vocalist and lead guitarist; he is basically lead everything! Matt just plays drums and sleeps in between.”

“We’re hitting Birmingham, Newcastle, Manchester and London. We’re taking a new band called ‘A World Away‘ with us too. The might be new, but they’re fucking awesome; we’ve known a few of the guys for a while from their past bands so we know what they’re capable of. They just supported Mallory Knox too, so that says something about how good they must be! We’ve also lined up some top local support at each show, some bands we know personal, some we don’t yet, so we’re excited to meet up with some old friends and make some new ones too!”



Any new material on the way?

Hell yeah! The album drops on April 1st. It’s called ‘Expectations’, and you can pre-order it RIGHT NOW from our merch store! We have 100 pre-order bundles which include an exclusive tee plus a signed album, wristband and a ticket to a show of your choice within the next 18 months. The iTunes pre-order also goes live at midnight (Monday 22nd February) and it will be cheaper to pre-order now instead of waiting for it to be released! Both pre-order options include instant downloads of the new single ‘Martyr’ plus the bundle includes another brand new track.”

The band seem to have a heavy DIY approach, working hard and touring loads. What advice do you have for other bands?

“We’ve been held back in the past when having other people ‘working’ for us, so we tend to just make shit happen ourselves these days. My advice to other bands would be the same advice I give to myself – no matter how hard it all seems at times; no matter how many setbacks you encounter or how many times you get fucked over; none of that can ruin the feeling you get from performing in front of a great crowd, and being on the road with your friends. The last tour we did was a great example of that, we made friends for life with Amaryllis and City of Ashes, and we all fed off each others fan bases to put on great shows with great crowds.”

A dramatic new video has just been released. Can you give me a bit of info about that?

“It was shot in a secret location. The reason for it being a secret; our video producer was hounded with enquiries about the location because it’s so fucking cool, and we didn’t want anyone stealing it! We’re greedy like that.”

“We chose Martyr because we felt it was the hardest hitting track on the album, just a full on assault of slamming rock riffing and melody. To be honest, most of the album is like that, but Martyr just felt right to show off first, there’s plenty more were that came from!”

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