Lord of Bastard – Newcastle Cluny February 2016 – FEATURE

Lords of Bastard – Interview, photos and review
Newcastle Cluny, 6th February 2016

Lords of Bastard - Feb 2016 - Cluny newcastle

Lords of Bastard – Feb 2016 – Cluny newcastle

When one of the best bands around come to town, you don’t miss them! This is their first time here in a while, lots have happened since I last spoke to them. New lineup and a new EP, more new material in the works. Well we had quite a shindig at their Cluny show. I had a chat and a catch up with them just before the show.

Where you been?!

“Haha, well yeah, we got a new bass player and haven’t gigged since early last year. We put out the new EP and just decided to keep on writing and rehearsing new stuff rather than gigging the same set. We got a new rehearsal space so we’ve been able to take our time with all the new writing, and it’s been worth it, really happy with the way things are sounding now. We’ll still be playing the older stuff live but it’s good to have the option of more songs to choose from.”

“Newcastle’s easily our favourite place to play away from home, the crowds are always excellent and we’ve met so many amazing people down there. The people definitely make it. We love Edinburgh too obviously, it’s an amazing city but it’s always  fun to get away from your home town for a few nights.”

What to expect at the shows?

“Riffs (both Geordie and Scottish varieties), ghosts, (potentially at the Edinburgh show), cash, champagne cocktails and the “Kalimar” guy from Indiana Jones.  We’ll have a few new songs in the set too. Louise will also be performing a 30 minute baroque style solo set with midi-lute backing track. We’ll also have vinyl copies of our latest EP for sale! “

You’ve hooked up with two class Newcastle based bands. How did that come about?

“Yeah we’re excited to play with Kylver and Ilser. It came about really quickly, Scott from Ilser got in touch on Facebook to ask us to play in Newcastle, seemed like a good idea to make a weekend of it.” 

Lords of Bastard - Feb 2016 - Cluny newcastle

Lords of Bastard – Feb 2016 – Cluny newcastle

Other than Irn Bru, Lords of Bastard and whiskey what is Scotland’s finest export?

“Ooft emmmmmmmmmmm, Irn bru would be my top choice, and us would be second obviously so you’ve got me there. Limmy, have you seen him? Look him up if you haven’t. He’s a good Scottish thing that there is.  Graham Hancock, he’s from Edinburgh. He wrote a book called “Fingerprints of the Gods” which is a favourite of mine. That’s all the Scottish things from me.”

REVIEW by Hyde

Lords of Bastard return to Newcastle for a headline show on their mini tour. My Lord! They are Bastard good! Which is an understatement in itself. They kick off like a son of a bitch and I am instantly taken back by how tight this band are. My eyes are instantly fixed on new bass player Frazer. He seems to be able to span the whole neck of the bass with one hand, playing bass lines with ease that reminds me of Chris Squire (Yes); distinct, aggressive. This guy is certainly no fish out of water.

Lords of Bastard - Feb 2016 - Cluny newcastle

Lords of Bastard – Feb 2016 – Cluny Newcastle

I then hear hypnotic tones of heaven, oh yes! It’s only the Rhodes piano and it’s the real thing. Anyone who knows about the Rhodes piano will know how heavy they are and what a ball ache they can be to gig with. So it’s a real pleasure to see one in the flesh and being played with absolute precision.

Lords of Bastard - Feb 2016 - Cluny Newcastle

Lords of Bastard – Feb 2016 – Cluny Newcastle

I had the opportunity to chat with their keyboard player (Louise), she explained to me that when playing the Rhodes it has its own distinct personality. Every key has to be played in its own way, the Rhodes mood changes from one gig to the next after being on the road. Well with the unforgiving pothole lined motorways with added damp cold North East charm it’s no wonder the Rhodes can get a bit moody blue, but it’s classical anarchy.

For me LOB got it dead on adding Louise on keys and the Rhodes being the weapon of choice is splendid. It adds balance to the perfect storm murky grind rock riffing guitar from Mike. Coupled with Tam’s pounding, fill stopping, heart dropping drums, the two Lords are linked in and as tight as can be, a smashing wall of sound commanding over the land of the Cluny. Yet with dynamics that you don’t typically find in such riff lead music, which gives room for thought and reflection.

Lords of Bastard - Feb 2016 - Cluny newcastle

Lords of Bastard – Feb 2016 – Cluny Newcastle

I hear Mike’s vocals, his melody weaving in and out flirting with the sonic sound of each instrument. The vocals are hard and powerful hitting at times yet also melodic and calm, reminiscent of Ozzy Osbourne.

Lords of Bastard - Feb 2016 - Cluny newcastle

Lords of Bastard – Feb 2016 – Cluny Newcastle

They are a band that have the potential to be legends, I really hope they keep the gigs coming this year.  Make sure you catch this band as soon as you can. I would advise going see them in a nice small venue. The Cluny 2 was perfect, I was able to get close enough to feel and see what’s happening on stage and get a full sense of the bands energy.

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