On the spot with The Smokin’ Coconuts – INTERVIEW

I met up with some Coconuts from Heaton for some super fast on the spot questions…

“The Smokin’ Coconuts consist of a drummer wot drums , a guitarist wot guitars , a bass player wot plays lots of low notes , there is a trumpet wot a young lad blows ; it makes his balls hurt when he plays a certain note, and a shouty/ singy singer. Most of us are based in Heaton.”

Here are their names:-
Manly Banister – Banter ‘n’ Rhymes
Gandamage – Bass
King Jacuzzi – Beats ‘n’ Chimes
Skronk – Guitar ‘n’ Sound Collage
Jack Banjo – The Horn

That’s an interesting band name choice, does it accurately depict the sounds you create?
“No, but it does accurately capture the onstage smell The Smokin’ Coconuts produce.”

Your band name often pops up in interviews with other bands in Newcastle, and it has always been super positive. Does the band deserve the hype?
“Never read any of it so wouldn’t like to comment – who said wot and where?!”

What are you up to at the moment?
“Currently The Smokin’ Coconuts are experimenting with space blanket technology, making badges , and discussing whether they can be arsed to release their most recent batch of music on a shiny plastic CD thingy. Or just leave it on Bandcamp…”

What’s your favourite Coconuts gig to date?
“Every Smokin’ Coconuts gig is a favourite of The Smokin’ Coconuts .”

When is your next show?
“This Friday (12th Feb 2016) at Alphabetti Theatre

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