Eureka Machines – Newcastle Cluny April 2015 – REVIEW

Eureka Machines are a curious band. On paper I shouldn’t like them, yet they come so highly recommended. Intrigued I listened to their records and didn’t feel any connection.

Yet, time after time, they play shows and everyone buzzes about them, including friends with similar tastes as mine. This baffled me. What was I missing?! There must be something?! I’d missed them a fair few times on their shows in Newcastle, until early 2014 when I went to see Supercharger who were opening for EM.

Aha I thought! At long last maybe I’ll find out if those people are talking utter rubbish! Over the moon to report that were certainly not rubbish. In fact, far from it, I took photos, I smiled, I danced, a great night, I bloody loved them!

And that was that, now I finally understood the hype. Their music takes on an entirely different dynamic in a live setting. A much rawer, charismatic, energy filled, witty with sometimes tongue in cheek lyrics. On record they’re a little timid and polished for my personal tastes. Although the songs are great, even with that ultra shiny studio polish. I think they surprise a fair few people in a live setting. That makes me wonder about other bands I’ve written off over the years without giving them a fair chance.In attendance are a couple of diehard Japanese fans decked out in Eureka Machines t-shirts. They were enthusiastically dancing and singing every word at the front of the stage! They can’t take their eyes off the band as they sing along each and every lyric. The band seem utterly bemused and yet delighted that they would come all this way to see them. I’m curious to find out if they are following them on tour, what is their story? I never got the chance to ask as I didn’t want to interrupt their fun.

The tour is to promote their crowd-funded new album ‘Brain Waves’ and to thank fans for helping them along the way. Tonight they debuted a few songs from it including the title track, mixed in with some old favourites such as ‘Pop Star’. All went down really well with the crowd. Of the new material the song which appealed to me the most was ‘Welcome to my Shangri-la’.

They are truly a delight in a live setting. A total pleasure to witness. I couldn’t help dancing along, and trying to force others to do the same, much to the embarrassment of my partner! No regrets. 101% party band!

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