2015 Year of the Gig – A year in the life of a music photographer – FEATURE

Year of the gig – 2015 aka what happens when you set yourself silly targets!

2015 was fun. OK, bloody good fun!

Sean and Zander - Newcastle UK Riverside - Jan 2015

Sean and Zander – Newcastle UK Riverside – Jan 2015

Although for fair balance I should also mention it was tough, occasionally laborious, very expensive, neglectful (both health and friends/family), all consuming, sleep depriving… I could go on! But I suppose that is the rock ‘n’ roll life? 

All of that was part of the of achievement. This article contains notes I made during the year and some recent reflection. I like to reflect and see what I can learn from mistakes, happenings and the occasional success. Reading it back, it gets negative here and there, which is an accurate reflection of my health and emotions at the time, so I’ve left them in.


Band word cloud, loads of local bands! – (created with voyant-tools.org)


I’m at the point where I’m getting the ‘who brought their Dad?!’ look from young concert goers. So I in defiance of that age barrier I decided that 2015 would be my ‘Year of the gig’ and set myself a target of seeing 200 bands in 12 months. I would fully dedicate my life to music and travelling to concerts.

The idea was I’d throw myself into my two main passions; music and photography. I felt some frustration with my photography work and the only way I could develop was to practise, practise, practise. Looking back I can see improvements, and a distinct change of style towards the latter part of 2015. Hopefully one for the better, but that is still evolving.

Also I felt a huge thirst for new music, that buzz from seeing a band you’ve never heard of and loving their music. There are loads of bands I’ve seen over the years where their recorded material doesn’t come close to capturing their live sound, those bands will slip you by if you don’t try. So no holds barred and all genres!

When not at gigs I was either editing photos from said gigs, or even writing reviews for said gigs when unreliable writers didn’t turn up, or more often than not, writing reviews for bands that aren’t known by the mainstream press, sleeping or at my full time day job (which is required to fund said shenanigans).

Which meant I’d typically hit 60-80 hours working each week. If I was 15 years younger that’d be easy! Here I am at the start of 2016 and honestly that was the fastest year of my life. Most of it a complete blur, and at a few points I came close to quitting the whole damn stupid idea. But always, always I came back for more. Like a music/mug/photog-ish Rocky Balboa – defeated but unable to stop.

I made it to the end but did I hit my target? Here’s a summary of my ear damaging Year of the Gig!


IMG_6046 copy

Only a few days into 2015 and I had my first gig of the year. Tissue Culture blagged a mint lineup which included a mint typo, a scrumpled up receipt, special guest Nadine Shah and Kingsley Chapman’s debut Newcastle show with his new band. That led to a LOT of photographers there. Almost comical as they battled for position in front of the small Cluny stage.

Tissue Culture - Cluny Jan 2015

Tissue Culture – Cluny Jan 2015

J Mascis – The not so quiet ‘quiet man of rock’ played a loud acoustic set, one of the musical highlights of the year so far. It was captivating watching him effortlessly pedal hop from his fort of amps.

J Mascis - Newcastle UK CLuny - Jan 2015

J Mascis – Newcastle UK CLuny – Jan 2015

Goy Boy McIlroy – A chaotic, yet friendly and engaging stage act. Also had them in for an interview.

Goy Boy McIlroy 2015

Goy Boy McIlroy 2015

Sick of it All  – Bloody hell! Chaos! What an awesome show. Shooting hardcore and punk shows is great, getting amongst the action is the way to go!

Sick Of It All - Newcastle UK Jan 2015

Sick Of It All – Newcastle UK Jan 2015


Valentines day with Snot! DAMN they are bloody awesome, the new singer did an outstanding job. Surreal to see them perform, and my pals We Are Knuckle Dragger opened the show. The GF was stuck at work so I rocked out to some cracking bands.

Snot - Newcastle UK Cluny Feb 2015

Snot – Newcastle UK Cluny Feb 2015

Crib45 – This proved to be something special, even helped blow the cobwebs away from a well earned hangover after a night on the hooch in York. Huge, huge sound, I was really impressed.

Interpol at Leeds were great, seen them a silly amount of times but I never grow tired of them. Slaves opened and became the first band I walked out on in 2015. Retreating to the Uni bar to escape their drivel.

Richard Dawson, bloody marvellous act, nothing else quite like him.

Richard Dawson - Newcastle Feb 2015

Richard Dawson – Newcastle Feb 2015

BBC6 Music ‘Festival’

Sleater Kinney, Mogwai and Interpol on the same bill? YES! There strictly as a punter to enjoy the show. The whole ‘festival’ was a bit of a let down, very difficult to get tickets, and not much in the way of local bands. Still I finally got to see Sleater-Kinney and in Newcastle no less. Silver linings and all that!

Steak Number Eight – (supporting Marmozets). I saw both of these bands opening for Gallows a few years back and Steak Number Eight really stood out, I wasn’t that impressed with Marmozets at the time. Since then they’ve become huge. Fair play they were good on this night (review here). SN8 are still bloody awesome and relatively unknown. They played the Riverside which would prove to be my favourite venue of 2015. Thought Forms were also on the bill, damn that was a good night.

Steak Number Eight - Newcastle Riverside UK Feb 2015

Steak Number Eight – Newcastle Riverside UK Feb 2015


Crows – Damn these are great! Hope to hear more from them in 2016. Not the most unique name in the world, but the songs and performance were very powerful, they truly impressed.

Crows (the band) - Newcastle Riverside - March 2015

Crows – Newcastle Riverside – March 2015

Little Comets – Super dull indie waffle. I had to leave early to go photo another super dull show. Two gigs one night including a mad dash on foot from the Academy to the City Hall. I was late but the chaps at the City Hall were super helpful and allowed me to grab my shots. I got some great shots that night. Just goes to show you don’t always need to connect with the music to get photos you like (although it helps). The reviews for these bands were all positive, so I can only assume my musical tastes were not compatible. But hey ho that is what this year is about, experimenting and discovering new music. You can’t win them all as they say.

Little Comets - Newcastle Academy March 2015

Little Comets – Newcastle Academy March 2015

The Stranglers – Award goes to them for the grumpiest audience ever, blah! Strange bunch. I did enjoy the band though. I managed a few songs before having to dash to Think Tank for the second gig of the evening.

The Stranglers - Newcastle O2 Academy March 2015

The Stranglers – Newcastle O2 Academy March 2015


April = silly. Silly in a good way. Non-stop awesome gigs!

Reef – Easter Sunday blast from the past. I must admit these were one of the best bands I’ve ever seen. I wasn’t expecting much, but wow! They are amazing live, if anything age has given them more of an edge.

Reef - Newcastle Riverside - April 2015

Reef – Newcastle Riverside – April 2015

The Twilight Sad – this actually turned out to be my gig of the year. Special show, and sold out too.
The Twilight Sad - April 2015 - The Cluny Newcastle

The Twilight Sad – April 2015 – The Cluny Newcastle

Nick Cave. Wow. £65 for a ticket, totally worth it. His stage presence is utterly captivating.
Made even more special by the fact that from a few seats down from me, a couple of members of local band Kobadelta made their presence known with a singalong!

Russian Circles – I’d double booked gigs; Twilight Sad in York or this. Russian Circles won, but only as it was a rare chance to see RC in a tiny venue and I’d see TTS a few days later. That trip followed by a dash up to Newcastle to photo Therapy?

Russian Circles - Leeds - April 2015

Russian Circles – Leeds – April 2015

Therapy? were amazing as always, sadly the photos didn’t get used from this gig. Shame like. I got some beltas, considering I only had a 50mm lens with me. Quite a challenge to snap them as they’re very energetic and put bands half their age to shame!
Therapy?- Newcastle Academy 2015

Therapy?- Newcastle Academy 2015


This year I finally got to photo GALLOWS!!! I’ve been wanting to shoot them for years!

Gallows - Leeds Slam Dunk North - May 2015

Gallows – Leeds Slam Dunk North – May 2015

I popped up to Glasgow to catch them at the Cathouse, a brilliant mid sized venue. Baby Godzilla were opening so it simply had to be done! The next day I jumped on a train down to Slam Dunk Festival in Leeds where I’d finally get to photo them, amongst some other great bands.

The Bronx - Slam Dunk Leeds 2015

The Bronx – Slam Dunk Leeds 2015

Will Haven – huge, huge, huge sound! A privilege to photo this band. Hats off to the sound-man this night, best show I’ve ever heard at the Academy.

Will Haven - Newcastle Academy May 2015

Will Haven – Newcastle Academy May 2015

Thurston Moore!!! – This was another in a run of amazing shows. Brilliant to see one of my heroes in such a small venue. Eye contact with him seemed hugely intimidating, eyes that burn through you. He was an absolute gent, even sat with members of the audience whilst eating his evening meal before the show.

Thurston Moore - Newcastle UK May 2015

Thurston Moore – Newcastle UK May 2015

Aidan Moffat! Just brilliant, superb songwriter and at the Mining Institute too, super posh gaff.

Bill Wells and Aidan Moffat - Newcastle May 2015

Bill Wells and Aidan Moffat – Newcastle May 2015


NOFX –  some crazy bug almost made me miss this show. Gulping down sick in the photo pit was unpleasant. But bloody hell, totally worth it. Bags of fun to photo.

NOFX Newcastle O2 Academy June 2015

NOFX Newcastle Academy June 2015

Pop Recs dies and Pulled Apart By Horses play at the shop to give it a farewell. Great live band. Pop Recs have been pivotal in making a music scene in Sunderland, such a shame that the council pulled the plug on it.

Since then they have setup Pop Recs MK2 and are back doing things their way in Sunderland!

Pop Recs Sunderland - June 2015

Pop Recs Sunderland – June 2015

But some good news happened, my second home made a welcome return and with the best people behind it. Trillians made it’s return after nearly a year in limbo. It returned and, returned as it should be. Great bar, great staff, great beers and of course great music! I popped down for launch night and felt immediately at home, something that couldn’t really be said under the previous owners. I remember turning up to photo a gig for them and the doors being locked. I don’t dwell on that dark period of Trills, it’s back and better than ever!!!
Trillians Launch 2015

Trillians Launch 2015

Mogwai 20th Anniversary – Glasgow Barrowlands. This was the best I’ve ever seen them, in fact I was welling up as they played one of my favourite songs (which I’d never seen live before), My Father My King. Also a rather special appearance from Aidan Moffat, one of the greatest song writers I’ve ever heard.

Mogwai - Glasgow Barrowland 2015

Mogwai – Glasgow Barrowland 2015

I broke up with a girlfriend right before the show. That’s certainly one area of my life I’ve neglected, music was priority, super selfish I know. By this point in the year I’d seen over 100 bands but found it hard to say no to gigs, I wanted more and more and more! I got very drunk and morned another failed relationship. It’s tough to get a balance right when you’re chasing obsessive goals. First time in the year where I really started to question my priorities in life.

Primus - Manchester 2015

Primus – Manchester 2015

Primus – A few days later I was back on the road. FINALLY I got to see Primus. I’ve wanted to see them for donkeys years. Worth the 4 hour Megabus trip. Utterly superb.


Heavy Trash – Jon bloody Spencer! Greatest showman on Earth! It surprised me how many local members of the press had no idea who he was. A well attended show none the less.

Heavy Trash - Newcastle Cluny UK July 2015

Heavy Trash – Newcastle Cluny UK July 2015

Biohazard – Still one of the most fun bands to photo in the world! No barrier at Think Tank meant I could get up close and amongst the pit. I love being there in the thick of the action. Getting a firm handshake from Billy made my day!

Biohazard - Newcastle Think Tank July 2015

Biohazard – Newcastle Think Tank July 2015

The death of GJB Performance Photography

Frustrations with my work and on the brink financial disaster, I faced the tough choice of calling it a day and selling off m equipment, or starting again and giving it my all. I chose the latter. A fresh start was needed, a blank slate, which is also the title of one of my favourite National songs…

I took some time out and spent a bit of time planning and brainstorming, built and relaunched a new website. That gave me some focus and determination to make something better, learning lessons from the old venture and trying to avoid old mistakes.

Modest Mouse play a stinker of a show! Worst sounding show I’ve heard since the last time they played there. I was crushed. Love that band but the sound was vile. Silver lining – the lighting was a dream to photo. Someone since taught me about ‘bias confirmation’ and maybe, just maybe that’s what happened that night. I hated this show, despite adoring all their work.  I need to see them in another venue I think, Newcastle Academy as a bad rep for sound. I wished that they had played the Sage.

Modest Mouse - Newcastle O2 Academy July 2015

Modest Mouse – Newcastle O2 Academy July 2015


Rolo Tomassi and Fall of Troy. Holy shit! AMAZING. I really really enjoyed shooting this gig. I was feeling back on track, focused and enjoying gigs.

Rolo Tomassi - Newcastle O2 Academy Aug 2015

Rolo Tomassi – Newcastle O2 Academy Aug 2015



Boredom with shooting gigs started creeping in. I did some other photography work, weddings, street and portraits.

Stone Lights, Sept 2015

Stone Lights, Sept 2015


The Wildhearts was the only gig I really enjoyed shooting, being that I was a huge fan as a 14 yr old.

The Wildhearts - Newcastle O2 Academy Sept 2015

The Wildhearts – Newcastle O2 Academy Sept 2015

Oh almost forgot to mention Shitwife who are just totally bonkers awesome.

Shitwife - Newcastle Sept 2015

Shitwife – Newcastle Sept 2015

I distracted myself by working on video projects, and decided to give editing a bash. Kylver kindly allowed me to shoot a show and integrate it with some footage they use for their live shows.


October is traditionally the busiest month of the year for gigs and tours. Freshers at Uni always mean gig season! This year it was more daunting than normal, gig clash after gig clash. All gigs came in one clump. Which meant at one point, 10 gigs over 9 days. Gulp. The Newcastle music scene is thriving in 2015.

The Twilight Sad, Newcastle Academy Oct 2015

The Twilight Sad, Newcastle Academy Oct 2015

This did not end well for me. Fever and flu made the challenge all the tougher, timing couldn’t have been worse. It broke me, and it took a good 6 weeks to fully recover.  I can barely remember the bands I saw but there were some great shows. Frank Carter and the Twilight Sad. I was physically sick during Godspeed You! Black Emperor and had to leave early, which was a huge disappointment. Such a magical band.

That was it, the wall. I hit it hard. My health had made the decision for me, everyone around me was saying the same, pack it in, give up, game over. Doctors orders meant timeout. From this I decided to call it quits with a publication I had poured all of my spare time into. Too much pressure and work for zero money, the sensible people around me had urged me to do it and unable to be on my feet for more than an hour, I had to admit, I had to stop. 

That removed dozens of gigs from my calendar. Now that leaves a nice wind down to the year. I could begin to recover without the added stress. This was weird. I’d made myself a name by being reliable and keen, now I had to cancel shows left right and centre. My anxiety went through the roof and I hit a very low point in my mental health. Rest is needed. I slept for a few days and felt much better for it.

Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes - Newcastle Cluny Oct 2015

Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes – Newcastle Cluny Oct 2015


A relaxing fun month. Road trips and a few local shows for NARC Magazine. And we shot a few acoustic sessions for Blank Slate. Including one with Boy Jumps Ship at Long Play Cafe, which was shot with David Hall, a cracking videographer with an eye for detail. A much welcome boost to the Blank Slate team.


Boy Jumps Ship - Blank Slate Session

Boy Jumps Ship – Blank Slate Session


Photo taken by the chaps at Long Play Cafe

Eagles of Death Metal – I suppose I have to mention this one. I knew it would be a super fun show to photo, I couldn’t turn down the offer to capture it for Gigs North East. I remember before they took to the stage that I wanted to be anywhere but there, really jaded, tired and bored. Then they walked on and bam! I was back; having a great time and taking a silly amount of photos. The shots came out great, and that’s was a timely reminder of why I do this. The long hours of work for those few songs.

The events in Paris a few days later left me somewhat stunned. Utterly surreal. I still have no words to describe it. Terrorism isn’t something I’d ever expect to happen at a concert. I can’t even imagine how harrowing that must have been for all involved. 

Eagles of Death Metal - November 2015 Newcastle O2 Academy

Eagles of Death Metal – November 2015 Newcastle O2 Academy

I battled that shock the only way I know how… another gig. U.S. hardcore band Every Time I Die put on a great show and they invited the audience to invade the stage. It felt like a marvellous form of defiance.

Here’s a great ‘tag team’ photography effort! This one made me smile! A shot on the left by G’s Gig Shots. We seem to cross paths a lot at shows, having similar tastes, and weirdly we always seem to get mirror shots! This one is the best by far!!! Exact same moment from opposite sides of the venue. Not sure what my face is doing there, I must pull some funny faces while photoing haha!
Anyway this is one of my fave moments of the year. We might have to add a special feature for these happenings!

G's Gig Shots www.facebook.com/Gs-Gig-Shots-1470611426507193

Shot on the left by G’s Gig Shots www.facebook.com/Gs-Gig-Shots-1470611426507193

Every Time I Die - November 2015 Newcastle Riverside

Every Time I Die – November 2015 Newcastle Riverside

A few more roadtrips came up, so I was racking up the mileage again. Caspian in Leeds, Built to Spill in Leeds Brudenell (again) and Sepultura in Glasgow. All fantastic gigs!

Built to Spill - Leeds Brudenell Nov 2015

Built to Spill – Leeds Brudenell Nov 2015

I also got to catch up with one of Newcastle’s best. Too good for this town it seems 🙁 Re-locating to Brighton in 2016. EnterTheLexicon are ace!




Not much left to do, quite frankly I’d lost all interest in shooting and attending gigs. Plenty of shows on but I’d lost the buzz from it. Shooting video seemed to be my new passion, really enjoying the process.

That didn’t stop me from travelling up to Glasgow again to see The Twilight Sad on their home turf. The camera stayed at home and I let off some steam at a fantastic venue.

twilight sad glasgow 2015 ticket

A much needed indulgent steam venting and it turned out to be a fabulous gig, not quite as special as the Cluny, but I place that on fatigue and the shear size of the venue. I always prefer smaller gigs.

Ash - December 2015 - Newcastle Riverside

Ash – December 2015 – Newcastle Riverside

Kylver interview

Last show of the year Ghost, and shooting for the biggest publication I’ve worked with this year. But I was in store for kick in the teeth. Thankfully that happened in 2015. Still it left a bad taste. I’d have loved to have heard a few more songs as down in front the sound was dismal, they use onstage monitors rather than amps, so the sound is so quiet you can’t get a real feeling for the music.  Frog marched out the building after 3 songs. Thanks Ghost, I shan’t be seeing you again!

Now time to hang up the camera and go watch the new Star Wars and take a long break.

The End

And that is that. One thing is for sure, the Newcastle music scene is thriving, not just with touring bands but with some really talented local artists. It’s been fantastic to be there amongst it all. I can’t wait to see where some of our homegrown talent go next.

Analysis: what I learned from the experience

I’m editing this now having not been to a gig in over a month. The urge to photo shows is slowly returning, but I think I earned a timeout 🙂 I need music, I need to photo, I’ll be back soon enough.

I hope my photography has improved. My camera shutter count approx. 30,000 exposures for the year, so that’s a fair bit of practise. I’ve been trying to find my own thing, so much photography out there at the moment looks so samey and boring.

Bad experiences and fatigue aside I’m bloody lucky to get the chance to do this kind of thing. And for that I’m very grateful. Sure it’s not all plain sailing, but hey you’ve got to take the rough with the smooth and of course know your limits. I must make a note of that last bit!

Health-wise it certainly took it’s toll, I found myself very susceptible to colds and bugs. I also gained about 12lbs over the course of the year, bad eating and too many beers whilst waiting for bands. That is one of the things about gig photography, you do a lot of waiting, and beer is one way to pass the time.

All in all. Totally a rollercoaster but by far my best year EVER as a human!

I went to see Henry Rollins last week and he made a great point, when referring to terrorists and the EODM Bataclan incident. Defy them, “If you were gonna go to 10 shows this year, go to 50!” that made me smile and laugh whole heartedly.

So did I hit 200?

Yes. In fact I cracked 200 by around July, coincidental with the demise of GJB Performance Photography? Maybe

Band count 248. Or 287 if you include the bands I saw more than once! That’s pretty damn awesome I reckon 🙂

Bands (or the ones I remembered to make a note of!)

  • Tissue Culture
  • Apologies x2
  • Nadine Shah x2
  • Kingsley Chapman x3
  • Σao
  • Kobadelta x3
  • Weirds
  • The Fiend
  • Poor Michael 
  • Coquin Migale x2
  • Luluc
  • J Mascis
  • Slipknot
  • Korn (almost the worst)
  • King 810
  • Mark Lanegan
  • Sean and Zander
  • Nils Lofgren
  • Wake x3
  • Shades x3
  • Goy Boy Mcilroy
  • Sorren Mclean
  • King Creosote
  • The Apache Relay
  • The Weeks
  • Nic Wood
  • Rob Lynch
  • Allison Weiss 
  • My Rules
  • Sick of it All
  • Jack Morris
  • Southern 
  • Taylor Hudson
  • Flo Morrisey
  • Staves
  • Phil Tyler
  • Vibracathedral Orchestra
  • Richard Dawson
  • Plate
  • MAR
  • Crib45
  • We are knuckle Dragger
  • Bastard sons
  • Snot
  • Slaves (worst)
  • Interpol x2
  • Jesus and Mary Chain
  • Relics
  • Cavorts 
  • God Damn
  • Hawk Eyes
  • War On Drugs x2
  • Sleater Kinney 
  • Mogwai x2
  • Ilser
  • King Canute
  • EnterTheLexicon x2
  • Thought Forms
  • Steak Number Eight
  • Marmozets
  • Amen Dunes
  • NX x3
  • Wraiths
  • Retriever x2
  • Hausfrau
  • Mongeese 
  • The Mirror Trap
  • Placebo 
  • Rezillios 
  • The Stranglers
  • Lisbon
  • Model Aeroplanes
  • Little Comets
  • The Unthanks 
  • Ubre blanca
  • Zyna Hel x2
  • Errors
  • Crows
  • Magic gang
  • Wolf Alice
  • Shortside Avenue
  • 48 Hours
  • Ashestoangels
  • Social Room
  • Clippah
  • Bitter Sweet Hearts
  • Kashmir
  • Tombstone Crow x3
  • Kylver x4
  • Druganaut x2
  • The Amazons
  • Demob Happy
  • Pvris (blah contender for worst)
  • We Are The Ocean x2
  • Lower than Atlantis 
  • PINS
  • Drenge
  • She Makes War
  • Duke Special
  • Helms Alee 
  • Russian Circles
  • Ashes of Iron
  • 36 Strategies 
  • Therapy?
  • Man of Moon x2
  • Twilight Sad x3
  • Osiah
  • Arcite
  • Nick Cave
  • Eureka Machines
  • Live Burial
  • Caronte
  • Attic
  • Neolithic
  • Bong
  • Moss
  • Gallery Circus
  • Black Peaks
  • Arcane Roots
  • Tom Paxton
  • Post War Glamour Girls
  • Spitfire Hostels
  • Mouses x2
  • Bernaccia x2
  • Hot Vestry
  • Kojey Radical
  • Young Fathers
  • Departures
  • Baby Godzilla
  • Gallows x2
  • Neck Deep
  • Bane
  • The Bronx
  • Mariachi El Bronx
  • Comeback Kid
  • H2O
  • You Me At Six
  • Palm reader
  • Raging Speedhorn
  • Will Haven
  • Sound of Yell
  • Bill Wells and Aidan Moffat
  • Ten Ton Friday
  • Keep Breathing
  • Du Blonde
  • Shard of Ruin
  • Cryptic Shift
  • Risen Prophecy 
  • Ruler
  • PYE Corner Audio
  • Prolapse 
  • Loop
  • Primus 
  • Drifts
  • Mansions of Glory
  • Pulled Apart By Horses x2
  • Lagwagon
  • Alkaline Trio
  • NO/FX
  • Velvoir x2
  • Cal Bell and the Association x2
  • Deep.Sleep
  • First Born Son x2
  • Black Atom Movement x2
  • Nano Kino
  • Allan Andrew Symons
  • Grandfather Birds
  • Skylark Song
  • Today The Sun Dies
  • Def Con One
  • Biohazard
  • Elle King
  • Hippo Campus
  • Modest Mouse
  • Heavy Jets
  • Alias Kid
  • Black Grape
  • Bloodshot Bill
  • Heavy Trash
  • First Process Church of Mars
  • Prophets of Saturn
  • Badly Drawn Boy
  • Ali’s Love Child
  • Temple Avenue
  • Arcane 39
  • Death to Indie
  • Suzie Stapleton 
  • Mick Harvey
  • Human Project
  • Ignite
  • CHON
  • Rolo Tomassi
  • Fall of Troy
  • Blown Away
  • SoShe
  • Shitwife
  • Hey! Hello
  • Baby Chaos
  • Wildhearts
  • Dirty King
  • Sleaford Mods
  • The Lake Poets
  • Metal Moth
  • Plague Rider
  • Didact
  • Fire Lady Luck
  • Massa Confusa
  • Hellion Rising x2
  • BCxDC
  • Hazels
  • Delaro
  • Unholy Concoction
  • Dog tired
  • Built upon Sand 
  • Asian Dub Foundation
  • PAWS
  • The Cribs
  • Editors
  • Gengahr
  • Blackhole 
  • Creeper
  • Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes
  • Dead Rat Orchestra
  • Godspeed You! Black Emperor
  • Jo Quail
  • Caspian
  • HED PE
  • Crossfaith
  • Skindred
  • Feverist
  • White Miles
  • Eagles of Death Metal
  • Muck
  • Superheaven
  • Every time I die 
  • Reign of Fury
  • Evile
  • Sepultura 
  • Nicole Atkins
  • Mercury Rev
  • Disco Doom
  • Built To Spill
  • Amorettes 
  • Asylum
  • Ash
  • Idlewild (acoustic set + full electric set)
  • Dead Soul
  • Ghost
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