On the spot with Yudlugar – INTERVIEW

I stumbled across this rather gruesome sounding project by James Hill; Yudlugar. A bludgeoning sensory experience, yet oddly enjoyable. Intrigued by what I heard I had a quick chat to find out more… 

yudlugar logo

What is this bonkers but enthralling racket you make?

Nekro Tekno, Blackened Terror, Satanic Speedcore, I’m not really one for pidgeon-holing genres, I take music I like, speed it up, layer it with noise and make it into music I like more.

A new EP released recently, what should listeners expect from that?

Well the idea originally was to do a disease-riddled Beatles themed 12″. We ended up just putting funny song titles and calling it Ebola Rigby. The music itself lost all connection to them. 

I toured with Skat Injector a couple years ago and we’d been talking about a split for a while, Flo at Carthatic Noize Experience wanted to do it and somehow it all ran smoothly.

Skat injector’s side is pretty disgusting, dirty cybergrind with a barrage of kickdrums. My side is trying to take a very raw black metal influence, the likes of mysticum, Marduk and mayhem. In the words of cybernoize zine, “none of that la di da, we’re so evil, we do opera nonsense”

What kind of instruments/setup do you use to craft these sounds?

My software set up for producing is Renoise, Instajungle and Cyanide. I keep it simple, lots of distortion, lots of speed. Live I use a keyboard and midi controllers and port the patterns from Renoise into Ableton. A lot of my sound is sample based, moving forwards I’d like to move towards a band setup with guitars and vocals.

The video for Fist is rather interesting. Can you tell us a bit about that?

Fist came out on a 7″ with Ukranian Depressive Black metal artist Moloch – round the same time I did a “free fall” suspension with the Sinner team in Moscow – there is a large abandoned radio station with antennas everywhere, popular with base jumpers and rope jumpers. We set up a rope jump but attached with hooks, through the skin rather than a harness. I think it was about 50ft at the exit point – the whole thing got video recorded and it seemed a fitting visual to go with the fist track.

What’s next?

I’m working on a remix for Hatewire and then touring Europe in April and May with Mulk – I’ve got some nice new shirts designed by Dan Hughes and printed by Jonas at Tyrant to shift as well 😉 after that, the rest of the year will be focused only other project, the (really awful) Newcastle Upon Tyne Speed Donk experience.