Tone Control – Platemaker – VIDEO

Tone Control is a new series from Blank Slate Creative. Where we investigate the technology behind the sounds. We are total gear nerds at Blank Slate and we thought we’d create a series for like minded folk.

Kicking off the series we have Rob Woodcock from Platemaker.


Rob brings a fascinating and fairly unique approach to making what he refers to as ‘nasty’ noise. Using a very DIY approach, he obtains electronic toys and gadgets and tinkers with them, a craft known as circuit bending.

Rob is well known around the Northeast music scene, having played with some pretty amazing bands such as GJB faves Tide of Iron, Prolefeed and Fret. Platemaker is his most ‘out there’ musical endeavour to date and he’s been picking up some great feedback (pardon the pun) for this project. It was great to get to pick his brains on the concept and sounds behind Platemaker. We caught up with him for a chat and a demo of his experiments.

Check out more of Rob’s crazy creations at Shy Bairns Electronics.

Full video and interview…

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