THE TWILIGHT SAD | 20th October 2015 | Newcastle O2 Academy

The Twilight Sad – 20th October 2015 – Newcastle O2 Academy

They opened for the Editors and I think they made some new fans on this night. Their reception from the crowd was brilliant. The setlist was a total winner, well paced with lots of powerful songs and a slow number halfway, allowing the audience a breather. I was over the moon when they played ‘I Could Give You All That You Don’t Want’, a bloody marvellous song.

Annoyingly some people were talking through the intro to ‘Cold Days from the Birdhouse’. I just wish the set was a bit longer, but a 30-minute bludgeoning will do nicely. I rave about this band a lot and with shows like this, I had that cheeky “told you so” face on 🙂

The Twilight Sad, Newcastle Academy Oct 2015
The Twilight Sad – Setlist, Newcastle Academy Oct 2015

Sadly the Editors came across a little bit tame in comparison, but fair play to them, they always book amazing support bands.

The Twilight Sad are slowly on the rise, which is great to see, they really do deserve it. Next stop for me is the sold out Barrowland show in Glasgow in a couple of months. I will finally get to see them on their home turf and in one of the best venues in the UK. That night the camera will stay at home, I’m just going to indulge myself in the music of one of the greatest bands around and a few pints!!

Here’s some photos… erm lots of photos…

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