The Dirty South – Oct 2015 Trillians – PHOTOS

The Dirty South
October 2015, Trillians Newcastle

I don’t shoot bands very often, which is generally a strange thing as I am a huge music fan. I think because I feel I don’t have the correct lens’ for shooting gigs I tend to avoid it. However when it’s in a bar,  it’s a little easier to get close to the stage and get some decent shots. I didn’t take my ‘proper’ gear to this gig and only had my point and shoot (Fujifilm XQ1). A fantastic little camera which I usually use for my day to day, and street shooting. I really like the monochrome files on it so decided to shoot the whole night in black and white. Dirty South are not only a great bunch of guys but a fantastic live experience. They play all covers of ‘southern rock ‘ classics, so ZZ Top, Steve Earle, Georgia Satellites, etc.  Oh, and of course a lot of Lynyrd Skynyrd!

PS- Kev, the bass player has excellent taste in T-shirts 😉

Photos by Chris Harrison

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