Stone Lights – INTERVIEW

We meet again! It’s been about a year since I last caught up with Stone Lights. So it’s time for some new photos and a chat about what they’ve been up to…

Stone Lights, Sept 2015

Stone Lights, Sept 2015

How are things with the band?
Carl: Things have been great, we’ve been writing and recording new songs for our upcoming EP over the last year as well as continuing to play some awesome gigs that we have really enjoyed.

Dan: Things are going smoothly for sure, although its been a kinda slow process due to us both being busy alot – we’ve been writing and gigging over the last year as well as focusing on our other bands and fitting time around academic stuff too.

What is next? I hear a new EP is in the works?
Carl: Next for us is to finish off the upcoming EP titled “My Best Days” and release that alongside an EP release show then gig until the end of the year to help promote the new CD!

Dan: Yeah we’re getting close to the final stages of the EP now, really excited to finally get it out there!

Best achievement in the last year?
Carl: Probably playing Corbridge Festival, the biggest show we have played to date and we were really proud to be able to play it.

Dan: Corbridge, definitely. Not only did we enjoy playing it but the general atmosphere and the people there were great too! I had a great laugh.

Stone Lights, Sept 2015

Stone Lights, Sept 2015

Has the musical style changed at all for the new material?
Carl: I wouldn’t say its changed at all I’d just say it has matured and grown as we have grown as musicians and as a band, the songs now feature other instruments other than acoustic guitars.

Dan: Yeah as Carl said. There are different layers in the songs now and we’ve stepped it up with the producing/mixing of the EP too.

What is coming up next?
Carl: Remember to be on the look out for our new EP/ EP release show and also a new music video, all of which will be revealed very soon!

Dan: We will be gracing everyone’s ears with our acoustic feels once again in the near future. Keep an eye out!


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