An introduction to street photography

By Chris Harrison

Street photography, it seems to me, means different things to different people. Some photographers concentrate on people only, others look for amusing situations. There are many other ways of looking at street, but for me it’s recording what is going on in my town at any time I am out with my camera. It doesn’t always mean on the street either. It can be in a cafe,  or restaurant, a shop, or a park. Anywhere that I can record the town I live in, and more importantly the people that live (or visit) here. I love to see how people dress and how people interact with other people and the environment around them.

One thing you definitely need for street is a certain amount of courage! You can use a long lens if you like, but I think street works best when you are right in among it.  Get close to the subject and shoot away. There are certain ways of shooting so that even the person is five foot away from you and they saw you take the picture, you can react in a certain way and they wont actually realise you ‘stole’ an image of them. Ninja! 🙂

Street photography can be a huge amount of fun, so if you haven’t done it yet, give it a go. Get your camera, and get out there. Remember though, that some people really don’t like having a picture taken so always be polite. If you get spotted, smile, and maybe even say thank you. You may get asked to delete a photo. Entirely up to you if you do that. I have never been asked so not sure what I would do? You will get told its wrong and its illegal. That is not true. If a person is on the street, in public, then there is nothing stopping you making an image. Simply….don’t be a jerk.

Images COPYRIGHT – Chris Harrison

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