First Born Son – July 2015 – INTERVIEW

First Born Son - July 2015

First Born Son – July 2015

We had a recent shoot with First Born Son, before their Newcastle Academy gig and thought it was a good chance to get to know the band.

For those who don’t already know can you give us an introduction- who are you, where are you based?

We are first born son, a four piece heavy rock band based in Newcastle and Northumberland. We have Gaz as the singer and rhythm guitarist, Chris as the lead guitarist, Ethan as the drummer and Luke as the bass player.

First Born Son

First Born Son

How would you describe your music to people? And how has the sound evolved over the years?

We would class ourselves as heavy rock but, we just play music we have fun with… Loudly. Just hope everyone that listens to it feels the same way we do. Gradually the music has got heavier but we still like to keep a fast good beat and we’ve developed more of a groove to ourselves too.

Who is the biggest influence(s) for the band?

The four of us are such different people outside of the band. We have completely different lifestyles and favourite music genres. A good thing about that is, we can incorporate all of our music styles into one song. So the sense of achievement in writing a song that we have all contributed towards and for us all to be happy with the result, is pretty special we think.

First Born Son - Newcastle Academy July 2015

First Born Son – Newcastle Academy July 2015

Where did the band name come from? Any rejected names?

We had a few ideas for names but none seemed to stick or suit us. At the start, we were concentrating more on the music than anything else. “Learn to Live” and “Pizza-box Politics” were some of the early name ideas but not everyone could agree. First Born Son came about simply as we are all the first born lads in our families.

First Born Son - Newcastle Academy July 2015

First Born Son – Newcastle Academy July 2015

If you could play anywhere with any support bands of your choice, what would be your ‘dream’ show?

Again, we are all so different, which we think makes us unique. We will all have different ideas of where would be our dream show. So individually…

Luke – For myself, it would be play a show with Motley Crue and Guns and Roses. Don’t think it would matter where about it was with them either, it’s always going to be an insane show.

Gaz– For me, I would love to be headlining to a full crowd at the Metro Radio arena in Newcastle…with lots of pyrotechnics! I’ve seen a lot of big bands there and that would be utterly phenomenal to me!

Chris– If we could get the opportunity to support Wednesday 13 on Halloween night that’d be awesome. No particular venue or city, I just think it’d be so cool, he goes all out for Halloween.

Ethan– My dream gig would be having the honour to play at a big, prestigious music festival like ‘Download’; being around other bands of a similar genre and crowds that would go wild for you whilst under the influence of alcohol.

First Born Son - Newcastle Academy July 2015

First Born Son – Newcastle Academy July 2015

Where can people find out more?

We’re always on Facebook uploading pictures, promoting gigs and music. We’d say at this moment in time, that’s the best place to find out more. However, Our music glue page will also be the place where anyone can find any merch, gig lists, videos and news feeds. We should hopefully have a website in the near future as well.

Any shows coming up?

We had a lot earlier this year, the biggest being at the O2 Academy supporting Black Atom Movement. At this point we’re focusing more on recording and just generally getting tighter music-wise. We’re recording our debut EP at Blast Studios at the beginning of August, so keep an eye out for that. We do have a gig in September at the Surf Café in Tynemouth which should be interesting.

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