Introducing Blank Slate Creative Photography

Introducing Blank Slate Creative Photography

Hello there. I am very proud to announce my new project. A photography business based in Newcastle upon Tyne. GJB Performance Photography is no more, 2012- July 2015, best 3 and a half years of my life.


This is the question I’ve been getting a fair bit and it’s a good one. Well after 3 and a half years of running GJB Performance Photography it became unstoppable, I created a monster! It began to take over my life and as much as I love music and music photography, it really is just a small part of my abilities as a photographer. I feel like I have achieved a lot and creative-wise I’m at a dead-end.

I’m feeling 101% motivated at the moment and ideas are flowing. I honestly can’t wait to get started. But until then I have much work to do…

Will you still be doing gigs?

Yes, music is my life, I love it, I need to go to shows! I’ll be doing less, only taking private bookings. And I will also be contributing to NE:MM and NARC Magazine from time to time.

New projects are on the cards. And this website will be developed further. GJB Performance Photography will remain online, as an archive of music photos from 2012 to July 2015, but not updated/maintained.


Photo: Biohazard – Think Tank July 2015, the final show as GJB!

What are you covering now?

We will specialise in capturing people, families, portraits, weddings and events. With a sideline of music photography of course 😉

Freelance photojournalist work also considered.

Also expanding into property & business photography. Such as photos for usage on restaurant websites etc. And product photography.

All work considered and competitively priced. More details will be added to this site as we develop and expand. Yes expand 🙂 long term goal is to bring in a team of photographers. Which in a way means the GJB brand would be redundant. Oh and the studio dream is still very much alive!

Contact for more info or booking queries.

Thank you

A special thank you to everyone who has helped with my work over the last few years. In particular my family, all the bands that have booked me, shared my work and recommended me to their friends.

What’s next?

With two wedding bookings already in the calendar and two super secret projects, I am really excited about this, yet it was tough to let go of the GJB thing. But onwards and upwards. A ‘Blank Slate’ so to speak.

Graeme J. Baty – Blank Slate Creative Photography, 11th July 2015

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