Didact – April 2015 INTERVIEW

Didact – April 2015

I caught up with the lads from Didact for a promoshoot and a few questions…

Didact - 2015

Didact – 2015

We’re Didact, consisting of Scott Elliott (Vocals/ Guitar) Carl Stacey (Guitar/ Backing Vocals) and Angus Leslie (Bass). We’re based in Gateshead/ Newcastle.

How would you describe your music to people?
We would describe our sound as a less technical Sylosis, with some groovy riffs mixed in with a bit of Prog.

Who is the biggest influence for the band?
There’s not necessarily one influence, but more of a combination. Mastodon and Sylosis are huge contenders, but other influences differ between us.

Scott –  However my influences include bands like Crowbar, Xerath, Death and Children Of Bodom, to bands like Alter Bridge, Breaking Benjamin and Muse.

Carl – My main influences include bands like Periphery, Mastodon, Sylosis, Tesseract, Animals As Leaders and Architects to bands like Alter Bridge, Fact and Fightstar.

Angus – My main influences include bands like King Crimson, Behemoth, Sylosis and Dream Theatre to bands like Liquid Tension Experiment.

Where did the band name come from and how do you pronounce it!?
Basically I (Scott) am a huge gaming fan, and we had a previous name; Dystopia. We felt this name basically sucked, and after playing halo 4 I thought the antagonist, the Didact, sounded cool. Pronounced Die-dact.

Following the closure of some key venues is the metal scene in dead in the Northeast
Definitely not, especially with bands such as Arcite, Nexilva and Osiah. The metal scene in Newcastle is definitely not dead, people just need to learn to support smaller bands and help out the community.

If you could play anywhere with any support bands of your choice, what would be your ‘dream’ show?
Scott – I’d definitely love to play an arena like Wembley, after seeing Muse there a few years ago I’ve always wanted to do the same. Not sure if I could pick a support band, definitely too many to choose from.

Carl – I’d say my dream venue would also be somewhere like Wembley but I’d also settle with the big room at the O2 Academy and the Metro Radio Arena. I’d agree with Scott that there is definitely too many bands to chose from but we’re friends with a lot of great bands so I’m sure we’d just go with one of those!

Angus – I’d agree with Carl and Scott, I’d also love to play Wembley and the Metro Radio Arena.

Any shows coming up?
We’re playing Think Tank, Newcastle alongside some other great local bands on April 14th, we’re also playing at The Roxbury in Blyth on April 16th.