Tombstone Crow – March 2015 INTERVIEW

Tombstone Crow – March 2015

I caught up with my pals from Tombstone Crow for a photoshoot, a beer and a chat with guitarist Andy Bright about what they’re up to at the moment…

So things have changed since we last spoke. How are things going?
Things have changed for the better man! We split with the drummer and bass player at the end of the tour last year. They had their own shit going on musically and personally and it was time to move on. As 90% of the writing is done by myself and vocalist Debi it was just a matter of taking some time out and finding the right players.
Tombstone Crow - March 2015
Tombstone Crow – March 2015
The newbies are coming along well! Kev Nolan on drums and Robb Nukem on bass. We have been jamming and writing for a few months now and things are full steam ahead.

Was it tough to find the right people?
It did take time, but finding people that share your passion and work ethic does take time. There was no need to rush into anything and over a few months the pieces fell into place.

Will they have an impact or influence on the music? Anything extra they’re bringing to the Crows sound?
Sure they will! Tombstone Crow has a pretty defined sound but as we continue writing and jamming with all our ideas flying about its bound to create something new and push us into new soundscapes.
So what are your plans for the future? Any shows coming up?
We are gearing up to record a new E.P in the next couple of months at ‘Sesh on Studio’ between gigs and then we are hoping to get a tour sorted later in the year so its the usual busy times for the Crow. We are adding more shows as we speak but here’s few for now;
3/4/15 The Globe: Newcastle
4/4/15 The Music Lounge: Stockton
10/4/15 The Roxbury: Blyth
1/5/15 The Dog and Parrot: Newcastle
9/5/15 TBC: Darlington
22/5/15 The Black Bull: Gateshead
30/5/15 The Don Bar: Stockton
12/6/15 Banshee Labyrinth: Edinburgh
4/7/15 The Corner Flag: Sunderland
10/7/15 The Music Lounge: Stockton

You guys pretty much became the house band at Trillians last year. How did it feel when the doors finally closed? Is that the end of the metal scene in Newcastle?
Yeah we played there a few times under a few different promoters the first half of 2014. Of course it was shit for the Newcastle rock/metal scene when Trillians went down and the scene has suffered but the metal will never die! There’s always somewhere to play and the good bands stick together, we are looking at a good year in 2015!