James Rooney – INTERVIEW


James Rooney. March 2015

I caught up with James for a photoshoot and we had a little chat about his exciting plans following the split of Emergency Door Release. Who I first encountered back in 2012 when I was just starting out, I took some terrible pics that night but they impressed me, I definitely potential on display. I later saw them open up for China Drum and the difference was hugely impressive. He was some new material in the works and some gigs on the way. EDR are a tough act to follow, but rumours are he will top their efforts.

Are you performing as a solo artist now?
Yes, I am writing as a solo artist, but keeping a full band sound. Changing from writing in a band, to writing alone has had its challenges and I am thoroughly enjoying the process. I feel I have more creative freedom in the way that I can include piano, strings, drums, electronic sounds; all things that previously I would be apprehensive to do.

What can people expect from the new music?
Indie Rock has been my favourite genre of music to listen to, write and perform for a long time so my music firmly sits in the Indie Rock bracket. I am becoming more creative in my sounds, song structures and taking more risks through the writing process. The first EP “Try This At Home” ended up being songs I wrote over the past year and then re-worked. My next EP, out in April, should showcase more of my writing creativity.

What has the reaction been to the new material?
A lot better than I thought it would be to be honest! Several radio stations have played the tracks and every track on the EP has had radio play of some sort. Spark FM have been big supporters of my music and one track ‘Olivia’ is on their March playlist I believe. I had an article in the Newcastle Chronicle about the EP and a cracking review by NE Volume magazine. All in all, it’s been good.

Plans for the future?
I’m releasing another EP in later April, with the name and date still to be announced. I’m planning on releasing a few more EP’s this year and that’s what I will continue to work towards. I’m open to a few collaboration projects as well, which are pending and it’s a case of finding a time when everyone is available.

Next performance?
There’s something in the pipeline about my first performance with this material and it will be an EP release show. I’m hoping to challenge the idea of a conventional band playing live show so it should be an interesting gig to be at.

Where can people find out more?
I have a website which is www.jamesrooneyband.com which links to Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and a variety of other places so that’s where I’d recommended people head to find out more.