RSJ – Newcastle Think Tank March 2014 – Gig photos

Newcastle Think Tank March 2014

RSJ Newcastle 2014

RSJ Newcastle 2014

First time seeing this lot, who were opening up for We Are Knuckle Dragger. Here’s what I said at the time…

“One word. WOW!!! Well OK here’s a few more…

My first time seeing them and they have a good reputation for live performances. So I made sure I came down early to catch them. They’ve travelled up from down the road in York (which is home to some really killer bands). Are they metal? Is that hardcore? Both, so it seems. Fans of Feed the Rhino will love them.

There was about 40 or so people in the venue when they came on. They all kept a safe distance whilst the band took over the pit. Chaotic brilliance and with a dash of humour. The singer, Dan is buzzing past me many times as I frantically tried to get some shots and not trash my gear! 110% worth the risk looking back.

His name is Robert Paulson brought a cheeky grin to my face! Everyone was buzzing about wow good RSJ were after their set. ‘Did you see RSJ?’ ‘Wow!’.

They’ve been going for a while now and have quite a back catalogue of releases I shall be purchasing and playing loud. How have this band slipped my attention for so long?. Check them out. “

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RSJ setlist

RSJ setlist

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