Crib45 – Newcastle February 2015 – REVIEW and PHOTOS

Crib45 – Newcastle, Northumberland Arms 9th February 2015

Inverted Grim-Mill Recordings (huge thanks to them for allowing me to cover the show) brought a rather amazing band to Toon. Helsinki post-metallers Crib45. It’s great to have some international metal coming to this part of the world. And only their 2nd UK date on their European tour. Pretty sweet!

Crib45, Newcastle UK Feb 2015

Crib45, Newcastle UK Feb 2015

My word this was a great show, Crib45 didn’t disappoint. Their 2014 ‘Marching Through the Borderlines’ album is stunning. In a live setting they are truly remarkable. Crib45 have such a huge epic sound and what makes it surreal is watching them play stadium sized riffs in such an intimate venue. I was also pretty excited to see they had a Verellen amp, those have the most amazing low end tone that makes me drool. Notable users are Russian Circles, who use them to help craft their huge sound. That sound is from another world!

Local bands and noise terrorists opened up. Laptop sampling, twiddling and noise guitar two piece; Crackbutcher got the night off to a start. They gave us quite a joyful mish-mash of noise and styles; metal, drum and bass and more! Platemaker were up next provided noise experiments and sound collages. Quite interesting, if somewhat difficult. Think Sonic Youth SYR series style noise. Crazy gadgets cooked up by ex Tide of Iron man Rob Woodcock. Bizarre stuff yet I found myself enjoying it, amazing the sounds he can create from just a handful of cables and electrical devices. MAR came up next, I wasn’t really sure what to make of them. Slow, brooding and at times meandering metal. Played almost entirely in the dark (hence not many usable pics 🙁 ) . I think I’ll have to see them again, to see if I can digest their sound a little better. I suspect they could be a real grower.

It was a tough gig to shoot, which really tested my 5D. I walked away, annoyed with myself thinking I’d blown it, why didn’t I bring a flash gun?! I was pleasantly surprised when I finally sat down today and took a look at the shots I came away with. Ultra grainy pics (cranked to an obscene 256,000 ISO at one point) but I really like them! Hope you do too…

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