We Are Knuckle Dragger – Newcastle Oct 2013 – PHOTOS

We Are Knuckle Dragger
Newcastle Oct 2013 – Album launch “Drone”

Hands down one of my favourite shows of 2013. WAKD played their new album ‘Drone’ in full.

wakd - Oct 2013

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Here’s what I had to say at the time…

‘I’ve been looking forward to this one for a wee while having been blown away by We Are Knuckle Dragger over the summer. Tonight they celebrate the release of their second album ‘Drone’. Launching the record in style in the intimate Cluny 2, tonight they will play ‘Drone’ in full. Which kicks off with the beastly ‘This Better Be Life Threatening Norman’ and refuses to let up for the duration.

wakd - Oct 2013

High energy set as always, pounding bass and drums brought smiles to faces in the crowd, particularly mine! They have a reputation for blistering and tight live sets and tonight they proved that accolade is more than appropriate.

Phenomenal band! Oh and the new album is an absolute corker. Every track is a riot. Their 1st lp (recorded by the legend that is Steve Albini) was always going to be a tough act to follow. Somehow they’ve kept the same formula and topped it. Full pounding bass and quirky time signatures thoroughly enjoyable. Like a blast back in time to early 90s alternative scene. Just fantastic!

Lots of familiar faces in the crowd from the local music scene. WAKD brought along an impressive selection of support bands, including the highly impressive Enter The Lexicon.

Their next Newcastle gig will be GNAW in November. Alongside some other stunning bands including Waheela and Tide of Iron. I will be there for sure.

Drone is out now available from all the usual places inc iTunes. Treat yourself :)’

wakd - Oct 2013

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