Druganaut – Band of the month January 2015 – INTERVIEW

Band of the month – January 2015 – Druganaut

Druganaut - August 2014

Druganaut – August 2014

This month I’m proud to have the mighty Geordie doom metallers Druganaut as our Band of the Month. Here’s a band I’ve followed for a while, they never put on a bad show. Their music has consistently evolved and with some minor lineup changes, they have really nailed a powerful lineup and they have the material to backup the hype! I first saw them back in Summer of 2012 and was pretty much hooked from the start. Their debut album came out in 2013, to much applause.

They’ll be turning heads at Hard Rock Hell this year, and no doubt they’ll be hitting the road at some point. And fingers are crossed for another Doomsday, which they curate every year. Doomsday 2014 at The Cluny was one of my gigging highlights of 2014. 100% GJB approved awesome band!

I caught up with vocalist Craig for a quick chat…

For those who don’t already know can you give us an introduction- who are you, where are you based?

Hi my name is Craig Relf I am the singer/booker/promoter for Newcastle based band Druganaut.



What got you started?

I have always had a love for performing and started writing and performing in bands about 20 years ago now as a way to channel my mental health issues. The problem I had was I was always joining other peoples bands and not really doing exactly what I wanted. I rectified this with Druganaut building the band from scratch.



How would you describe your music to people? And how has the sound evolved over the years?

The original plan was to do a full on doom band but somewhere along the way we started writing the up tempo, high energy, stoner rock we play today. We’re not afraid to push outside the box, as some of our new material has a darker edge musically, if not lyrically.

Who/what is the biggest influence for the band?

DRUGS obviously…

Why your band name? Any rejected names?

Me and our original guitarist Scott Payne (now playing in Broken Drone) were sitting spitballing names and nothing really stuck. He had been listening to Black Mountain and suggested Druganaut, it just seemed to sum us up and we knew we on to a winner.

Druganaut 2012

Druganaut 2012

Do you release your own material or are you signed?

We are currently unsigned and self released our debut album digitally. you can find it on iTunes, Amazon and all good digital outlets including Spotify.

You have played all over the UK, where is your favourite place to play and why?

We absolutely love playing live! No matter where we are, it would be very difficult to choose one.



Best gig memories? and biggest disaster?

Our best show to date was almost the biggest disaster. We were booked to play Hammerfest in Wales and unfortunately we clashed with Corrosion of Conformity so we thought we would be stuck in a 3000 capacity room playing to nobody imagine my surprise when we filled the room and went down a storm. A big thanks to Chic Festivals for always looking after us.

What are your plans for the immediate future and any long term goals?

We have just sorted the line up adding a new drummer, so we’re just getting back to playing live again. We are writing new material and will be recording a new album very soon. Long term we just wanna keep playing live and entertaining as many people as possible, anything else would be a bonus.

Druganaut 2013

Druganaut 2013

Next show?

We have a few show lined up but are always looking for more so if your interested in booking us get in touch.

Friday 13th Feb Banshees Labyrinth Edinburgh
Wednesday 13th-20th Hardrock Hell – HRH Roadtrip Ibiza

Where can people find out more?


For booking contact craigrelf77@gmail.com

Sober Again

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