The Wedding Present | Flowers – Newcastle Cluny Nov 2014 – PHOTOS

The Wedding Present and support Flowers
Newcastle Cluny 10th Nov 2014

I’d been looking forward to this for sometime, having missed them on the last tour. Following the trend of previous tours tonight they play the ‘lost’ album Watusi. Tonight is sold out for this relatively intimate show.

Today wasn’t my day, here to see one of the all time singers about heartbreak and relationships and myself suffering from heartbreak which had just occurred a few hours before the show. Fair to say my mind wasn’t on the show tonight and it left me a little sad and spaced out. Shame but I’m sure I’ll get to see the fantastic Wedding Present another day!

Thankfully my pictures turned out OK 🙂 Here’s the results…

The Wedding Present - Nov 2014

The Wedding Present – Nov 2014

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