Slipknowt – 6th November 2014 – INTERVIEW

Slipknowt – Special feature

Slipknowt Nov 2014

Slipknowt Nov 2014

The buzz about this band has kicked up quite a storm, and that’s before they’ve even played! Northeast lads of course, hence the name -‘Slipknowt’. Tonight they make their live debut in their home town of Blyth at the rather canny Roxbury pub, which has replaced the Blyth and Tyne as thee venue in Blyth after their decision to move away from live music.

I made the short trip up from Newcastle to experience this spectacle. I’ve seen hundreds of cover bands in my time, this is the first to make me excited.

I am the push that makes you move – Interview

I also caught up with the Clown #6 for a chat about the band and of course the music.

**warning contains rude words and sh1t.**



Who are you? Do you have real names or just numbers?
We are… #0 Danny, #1 JT, #2 Simon, #3 Jordan, #4 Richard, #5 Chris, #6 Rob, #7 Craig, #8 Chris

Was it easy to recruit members?
No, not at all. It was pretty simple to find people who liked the idea of being in a band like this but when it actually came down to getting practice time together or booking gigs we were let down by a load of people who were like “Oh, I don’t know if I can have the time off work…” We also found quite a few people who again, liked the idea but when it came down to buying the suits, masks etc had short arms and really, really long pockets – so they aren’t with us anymore either.

What made you take on the Slipknowt role?
Slipknot were always one of my favourite bands, right back from first hearing them when I was growing up in school. I always liked the idea of doing a Slipknot tribute and knocked the idea round with a few friends a couple of times but I was never able to generate enough interest. When I started getting on the road with other bands I was introduced to more and more musicians, then I saw Knotslip at Festwich and thought “Fuck it, if they can do it, why can’t I?”


Can you live up to the legacy?
I hope so. We wouldn’t be getting ready to take this on tour if I didnt. Obviously no tribute is ever going to be a 100% carbon copy but I promise you we’ve been putting hours and hours into making sure we’re the next best thing.

There aren’t many Slipknot cover bands about, despite the clear thirst for such an act. Why do you think that is?
I think there’s a few reasons. Chiefly it’s hard work finding a time to suit all 9 members for practice and gigs, especially as most people these days work shifts and have other commitments.
Secondly, the music is so complex, you don’t appreciate how much is actually going on until there’s a part missing. When we first started out we didn’t have DJ or Sampler for the first few practices and it just sounded empty. When we eventually got them, all of a sudden we’ve got 9 people to get tight, it’s not easy.

How would you describe Slipknot and what do they mean to you?
To me, Slipknot is not just one thing. Like, back in the Self titled era the music they played reflected their attitude toward the world. Fast, aggressive, loud. As the years have gone on, they’ve got older, wiser and the sound has changed to reflect this. Some people think they’ve sold out – I think they’re just moving with the times, and where they are as a band.

What is the favourite song to play?
Personally – Surfacing, it’s just so heavy!

Any songs that just haven’t work out?
None as yet, I’m pleased to say! Eyeless was tricky, getting the live drums in time with the samples when everyone else is blasting away but we got there.


The Northeast music scene seems to have an influx of cover bands at the moment. How do you feel about that ?
I think it’s great. We all have different talents, I’m not a song writer, never have been and never will be, does that mean I can’t play in a band?  I know there’s a lot of hostility toward us from some guys on the “original” circuit but I don’t take it to heart. People are talking about us and that’s good, right? All bands have their place. At the end of the day, you go out to see a tribute and can have just as much fun as watching the original, but when you go home you’ve only spent a fiver. What’s wrong with that?

How do you approach and prepare for the performance?
This is our first proper performance so I can only say what we’ve been up to for this one. Practice, practice, practice. We’ve even been turning up at the practice room and doing 4 hours in our suits and masks. It’s all well and good blasting out the set in a t-shirt and shorts only to discover you can’t actually perform in the mask. From watching day 1 of Knotfest this year and the problems Corey was having with his mask none of us wanted to be caught out like that.

What is the best Slipknot album and why?
For me, it’s the self titled album. It’s just so brutal from start to finish and that’s what I love about it.

How you guys finding the new material? and will we hear any of it?!
We love it. You can really hear it’s a much darker album than All hope is gone possibly as a result of losing Paul and Joey.
We have one in the set for tonight and another two coming along nicely which, all things going well, should be in the set by our December gigs.


Plans for shows and the future?
We’ve got some great shows coming up all around the country which we’re all really excited about, everywhere from Dundee to Swansea booked so far and I’m speaking to promoters all the time about new shows. We’ve got a huge show with 4 other tributes at Newcastle O2 Academy on April 4th and a massive gap in our diaries from June-August which i’m hoping to fill with some festivals.

Where can we follow the latest Slipknowt news?
We’re on Facebook at or for anyone who wants to contact us directly regarding a booking just send an email to

 I push my fingers into my eyes – Slipknowt in concert
Blyth, Roxbury 6th November 2014


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Pick me apart, then pick up the pieces – The verdict

Slipknowt Nov 2014

Slipknowt Nov 2014

If you know GJB you’ll know I’m a huge Slipknot fan. This is a band who have alluded me over the years, and to date I have not seen them live. That will thankfully be corrected in January, and I honestly can’t wait!

I suspect that there will be fans in the same boat as me, who simply adore this band but…
a) ‘Knot haven’t played in a town they can get to
b) they have but they missed it
c) they have played in their town but they are so huge now it’s either sold out or too pricey.

And this is where cover bands play an important role. They fill a void that can’t easily be attained. I am ecstatic that this band exists and as a bonus they exist on my doorstep. That to me, truly is special. Shoe horned into the cosy small stage of the Roxbury in Blyth, it really is a tough job to fit them on the same stage. That makes it all the more special, an intimate venue, face to face with them, which let’s be honest is unlikely to happen with the real band. Made me appreciate what it must have been to see them back in the early days, before they took over the metal world.

The only way, is all the way…

Tonight they have a lot of pressure on their shoulders, some nerves may have been present at first but they proved a tight well rehearsed outfit, picking their way through many classics and even a new track. They advise me that more new material is coming to their next Newcastle show in December. Tonight they picked and executed perfectly The Devil in I, hope i don’t get wrong for letting the cat out of the bag but stone cold classic ‘Custer’ will also appear in future, man I love that song! I digress, the band have rehearsed for months and recruited a serious lineup, tonight they make their debut performance. Pleased to say they totally killed it, one of the most enjoyable shows I’ve witnessed this year and I’ve seen a LOT of shows. They pay perfect homage to Slipknot and their crazy stage antics.

Noises, noises, people make noises…

Musically it is very well honed, nailed, bang on! Blistering guitar solos, pounding drums and percussion, desks blazing and samples buzzing. Now the vocals… this is where 99% of Slipknot covers sink like a stone, it’s fair to say that metal vocalists are under appreciated for their abilities and Cory Taylor is no exception. He has quite a range of complex and very charismatic styles. Somehow Slipknowt have managed to find a vocalist that can cover ALL of the bases, very very well. He seemed a little static on stage but to be fair there was no real room for manoeuvre, I look forward to seeing him tear up a huge stage.

They covered tracks from all of Slipknot’s career, lots of crowd pleasers from a very rich back catalogue. Eyeless is a personal favourite and they made me very happy by including it in the set. I was gladly swept along with the antics and even lost my voice towards the end from screaming along. By the time they closed with Surfacing I was shattered and voiceless.

The whole thing I think is sic…


So they don’t equal sh1t. You don’t need Marlon Brando’s eyes, just go see them. Go nuts. Go have fun. And i’ll see you there m/

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