Minnie – Band of the Month – October 2014 – INTERVIEW

Band of the month – October 2014 – Minnie

This month I’m happy to have the most powerful voice in Jarrow and Newcastle for that matter… Minnie. Stunningly powerful vocals and stage presence, standing in the same room as Minnie is something special. Minnie has forged together a rather formidable band who have gained some pretty amazing support slots over the last year. They have gone down very well with a wide mix of audiences. Minnie and guitarist Ian also do the occasional acoustic show as a two piece.

I caught up with her for a quick chat following a recent photoshoot featuring their new lineup. If you’re familiar with the local Northeast music scene you will recognise a few of these chaps, a rather talented bunch indeed.

For those who don’t already know can you give us an introduction- who are you, where are you based?
I’m Minnie Forrest and I’m a singer from Jarrow! I currently front a band called Minnie!

What got you started?
I’ve sang since I was physically able to and It was always encouraged by my family. I just enjoyed showing off!

How would you describe your music to people? And how has the sound evolved over the years?
I have a very powerful voice for a small woman haha! I think over the years it has became more raw with more feeling. I am an untrained singer so I just go with what I feel is right. As for the band music. It has got heavier with the recent new members and their particular style of playing. I love being in the band right now. There’s a great chemistry between us all and the songs come naturally. I would say our style is grunge, blues, punk with a sprinkle of doom!

Who is the biggest influence for you?
I’m influenced by lots of singers for lots of different reasons. My favourites are Kat Bjelland, Courtney Love, Chris Cornell, Kurt Cobain, Josh Homme, Layne Staley, Janis Joplin and Patsy Cline!

Why your band name? Any rejected names?
It was just a natural progression on from my previous band Minnie and The Victors. As a whole unit we made the move from Covers to originals so just kept my nick name/stage name as it was known. Now having had several line up changes it’s just been easier as it’s always me in the middle of it all.

What was the pivotal thing that got you into music?
As a child I naturally loved singing but throughout school I preferred acting. In late teens I dabbled in several local bands that didn’t leave the practise room. It was really frustrating.  I even went to London to join a band and that fell through too! In my 20s I focused on film making and editing before realising I missed singing. I would watch bands and think I wanna do this.  After busking loads and loads I knew I had to form my own band again but really go for it. And I did!

You have played all over the UK, where is your favourite place to play and why?
It’s hard to choose one. Stormin’ the Castle was great.  There’s no better feeling than getting that call to ask you to play. The year I sang The Stranglers were headlining too! Other fantastic venues include Whistle Binkies in Edinburgh, the Blues Bar in Harrogate and Stampen in Stockholm, Sweden.

If you could play anywhere with any support bands of your choice, what would be your ‘dream’ show?
Has to be Queens of The Stone Age. No contest!

Best gig memories? and biggest disaster?
I played at Selby Concert in front of a couple of thousand of people. Was a great gig and audience but what I really loved was when we came off stage the other bands gave us a round of applause.  As for disasters I have had a few wardrobe malfunctions but I’ll leave that to your imagination!

What are your plans for the immediate future and any long term goals?
I just want to get more decent support slots for known artists/bands as well as play some music festivals and record another EP. Hey maybe even an album.

Next show?
Sometimes I play with a full band or sometimes it is just me and my guitarist Ian. The next few months we will be focusing on acoustic gigs…

Saturday 25th October 2014 at The Riverside in Selby supporting Sham 69.
Sunday 2nd Nov 2014 at NEVFest at The Stadium of Light in Sunderland.
Thursday 6th Nov 2014 Manchester – venue TBC in.

Check them out at the following…


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