Twice the Trauma
Interview and photoshoot August 2014

Last month I caught up with Darlington’s grimmest two piece Twice the Trauma for a promotional photoshoot and a chat. Cracking pair of lads and this shoot was a brilliant laugh!

They donned their gory stage wear and downed Special Brew, I left that to the professionals whilst I concentrated on some killer photos!

For those who don’t already know can you give us an introduction- who are you, where are you based? 

We’re Twice The Trauma, Ian The Goat – Guitars and Drum Programming, Necrolee -Vocals. We are based in Darlington, Co.Durham

What got you started? 

I’d (Ian) just left a hardcore punk band because I wanted to play grindcore basically. So I bought a drum machine a cheap guitar and wrote a load of really fast, short songs. Then I asked Lee to growl over it! HAHAHA!

How would you describe your music to people? And how has the sound evolved over the years?

It’s grindcore, but we focus on the riffs! Its not just noisecore stuff, allot of my riffs get compared to Cannibal Corpse, for a grindcore band we do have a bit of melody and fairly catchy riffs! When I first started writing every song was 10 seconds and had about 4 notes in it. Most of our later stuff is longer…. We have one song that is nearly 4 minutes!!! Pretty epic for a grind band!!

Who is the biggest influence for the band?

Well I write all of the music, but to be honest I would be struggling to pick just one influence, There is the obvious stuff like Napalm Death and Pig Destroyer, but I’m also influenced by Anaal Nathrakh and some old school death metal like Entombed and Cannibal Corpse etc.

Why your band name? Any rejected names?

We’re Twice The Trauma, and nope we have been called that from day one!

What was the pivotal thing that got you into music?

Same as allot of people I guess… Boredom and then hearing something in heavy metal…. Actually allot of the stuff I got into was through Beavis and Butthead which I thought was funny when I was 11, then I gradually got into the music they were playing and discovered Megadeth, Slayer and Metallica etc!

Do you release your own material or are you signed?

Release our own stuff at the moment, however if any labels fancy putting our stuff our feel free to give us a shout!!

You have played all over the UK, where is your favourite place to play and why?

Difficult one this….. I reckon our best gig to date would be Nottingham at the Old Angel, that was a belting gig, but we have had some crackers in Leeds and Newcastle as well! I should also mention the Spennymore RAM nights… a really unlikely place to have extreme metal nights, but they are always mint and packed out!! (Hey Claire!!!!!!!)

If you could play anywhere with any support bands of your choice, what would be your ‘dream’ show?

Fucking hell… hahaha If were being totally fictional…. I guess Donnington supporting Metallica and the Prodigy!!…. In more believable realms, I’d love to do Obscene extreme in the Czech Republic.

Best gig memories? and biggest disaster?

We did a Festival in Spain called BrutolLogos and that was a cracking weekend!! I always look back on how pissed up we were and whata  great gig we had! Biggest disaster….. Our first 2 gigs…. We just weren’t ready to play live and really didlnt understand hopw to use a drum machine live!!! HAHAH

What are your plans for the immediate future and any long term goals?

We have a new release coming out soon called Colonic Misadventures, then we just wanna get out a gig!!

Next show?

Here is a list of whats booked;

10/09/2014 – London -Unicorn w/Krow
12/09/2014 – Selby Riverside w/Krow
14/09/2014 – Bishop Auckland -Merry Monk (death and Black metal alldayer)
20/09/2014 – Middlesbrough – West Garth WMC Zac of PUS promos Birthday gig
20/09/2014 – Spennymoor – WMC -RAM Alldayer
04/10/2014 – Newcastle – 3 Tuns -Violence fest
18/10/2014 – Leeds – Wharf Chambers (black and Death alldayer)
23/10/2014 – Gateshead 3 Tuns – Hell in a Cell w/lots of bands
15/03/2015 – Glasgow – Slam fest

Who or what is your top tip for local music?

There are some awesome bands in the Northeast at the moment, Today The Sun Dies play utterly pulverising death metal that really deserves more attention, there is also a really good band from our town called the Unholy Concoction who play very southern inspired metal in the vein of Down!

Where can people find out more?

You can check us out at

And a live track…