Karma to Burn – Doomsday 2014 – The Cluny Newcastle – PHOTOS and REVIEW

Doomsday 2014
The Cluny Newcastle August 2014

Doomsday comes but once a year but it’s always a highlight on the northeast gigging calendar. This years lineup is exceptionally good. Headlined by none other than American stoner rock legends Karma to Burn. This year it is held at legendary venue The Cluny.

What better way to spend a Bank Holiday weekend than watching 9 fantastic bands? The annual event is ran by Craig Relf from northeast riff merchants Druganaut who have been busy making a name for themselves around the UK, gaining great feedback for their set at this years Hard Rock Hell festival.

The lineup is as follows;

Broken Drone | YLGR | Sapien | BHANG | Lords of Bastard | Druganaut | Desert Storm | Karma to Burn

Broken Drone
First on the bill for this day of doom and playing their first show. Broken Drone are a local lot and there are some familiar faces on stage, formed from the ashes of other northeast bands gone by. A very impressive start, certainly a band I’ll be keeping an eye on as they progress. A few more shows under their belt and these guys will hit their stride. A great way to kick of the day!


Stage lights are down very low (hence not many keepers photo-wise) for this new project of Waheela main man Adam Potts, following their drone and scream template, feels somewhat more experimental than Waheela. Yes that seems hard to believe! Backs to the audience fora wall of sound, whilst the vocals are wailing around the venue, very erie indeed.


Heroes of the day. Stepping in last minute for a band who had to drop out. They also proved to be the best discovery of the day for me. Fantastic groove based stoner rock from Edinburgh and they went down well with the crowd.


Post-rock with hints of metal. Interesting to see this kind of band in the Northeast, more of it I say! They slowed things down quite a bit after the rush of Sapien. A welcome chance for a breather and a chill.


Lords of Bastard
Our band of the month for Sept 2014 (read the interview here). And band of the day for me and many others who attended. Such a great great band. I haven’t seen them since late 2012, so I was more than a little excited. They did not disappoint. They even showed off a couple of new songs, which show a more subtly crafted LoB. Those were interspersed with helpings of tracks from their amazing LP “Cuddles”.

Mark my words. This band are the dogs bollocks.


How would anyone be able to follow Lords of Bastard? Not fair surely? I think only one band could… DRUGANAUT! And oh my they are on top form today. I’ve seen them countless times over the last few years, I never get tired of them, in fact they seem to get better and better each time. There has been some lineup changes over the years, today new drummer Phil Davies joins for his first gig with them. Like a jigsaw falling into place, the sound is quite spectacular. Phil’s pounding drums they icing on the cake. Highlight of the set for me was a new song called, in classic Druganaut style “Bums Rush”. If this is anything to go by then I can’t wait for album number two!


Desert Storm
Not sure how they managed it but after a really slow tempo start they considerably picked up their game. I love it when that happens, and they more they played, the better they got! They were clearly enjoying this development and actually overran their set and where eager to keep playing. Solid performance shaking off the weak start, or perhaps I am being unfair, they did after all follow Druganaut, a mighty task indeed.


Karma to Burn
Headliners up. New lineup. Groove based instrumental stoner rock, with a real natural slick feeling. By now the venue was packed and the crowd buzzing. A great way to top a great day of doom and sludge.



Great attendance from start to finish, which was great to see. So many faces, so many people to meet and greet, new friends made, beers drank and photos to remember it all by. Pretty much a gigging highlight of my year.

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