We Are Knuckle Dragger – Cluny August 2014 – PHOTOS

We Are Knuckle Dragger 
16th August 2014, Newcastle Cluny 2

I caught up with one of my favourite Newcastle bands WAKD for an exclusive show. They’ve been quiet for a while, and tonight we see some major changes. The new lineup bombshell was dropped a couple of days before the show. Tonight they play as a stripped down to a two-piece. Two-piece bands seem all the rage these days, and WAKD did not disappoint. It was different, but it still contains the thrilling Knuckle Dragger punch, fans quickly coming to terms with the changes. They were really tight.

I headed down to cover the show for Shutter Online and of course rock out! More pics from the show can be found on Shutter click here to view. Find some new pics below. Knuckle Dragger have always been a band that inspires me when I photo, I try to capture the energy of their performance and it’s led to some of my best work. Hopefully I’ve added to that tonight.

What will the future bring? All I know is that I don’t want them to stop. They’re playing ArcTangent Festival this weekend. Highly recommend them.

Long live Knuckle Dragger!

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