Tissue Culture – Sunderland Split Festival 2014 – PHOTOS

Tissue Culture – Split Festival 2014
Sunderland 10th August

Another corker of a local band took to the 3rd stage to a good crowd on this grim rainy Sunday afternoon. Perfect setting for their post rock shoegaze songs. ‘Bleak Northern Beaches’ fit perfectly (without the beach of course).

These are another of my top tips for local bands to watch. I first saw them earlier in 2014 when they supported Post War Glamour Girls. I was somewhat stunned. To quote myself at the time ‘They feel a lot different to anything else on the Newcastle scene at the moment. They gave an intense performance, with some brilliantly crafted songs. Hard to pin them down, hints of Twilight Sad here and there. Very very good.’ So it was a pleasure to see them playing to a festival crowd and winning over new fans and the critics. In a live setting their songs are very powerful, something that I’d highly recommend witnessing.

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