Today the Sun Dies – Band of the month August 2014 – INTERVIEW

GJB Band of the month August 2014 – Today the Sun Dies

This month we have the most brutal band Newcastle has to offer. They’re about to hit the road and play Bloodstock, and are tipped as a must see act. I’ve seen them many times, they take their music very seriously. They have a new drummer on board and are about to take the extreme metal world by storm. The likes of Terrorizer magazine and Metal Hammer having highly praised the band. They released their debut EP last year and are currently working on new material, which is sounding rather tasty.

I caught up with vocalist Chris Meek for a chat and an exclusive photoshoot with the band. Warning! Contains swear words and shit…

Who are you and where are you based?

We are today the sun dies from the foul depths of newcastle!

Today the Sun Dies – August 2014

What got you started?

We got started through a drunken night out previously being in different bands that had just came to an end and decided to create a monster!

Over the few years we have been around and a couple of line up changes we have finally settled on our own sound lineup and style mixing new and old death metal, and giving each track a extreme and violent edge.

Why your band name? Any rejected names?

The name actually came from a line of lyrics, trying to decided on a name was a mission, nothing really stood out for us but when that was uttered it just felt erect….correct sorry.
We haven’t really had an rejected names but for song titles we come up with disgusting and obscene titles everyday but most are too extreme even for us, and we have a track called Involuntary Deep Throat so you can imagine what the rejected ones must be like!

What was the pivotal thing that got you into music?

I myself have literally been brought up on metal from a very young age thanks to my big brother, weening me onto bands such as Slayer and Motörhead I even remember the first time I heard the Cannibal Corpse album Eaten Back to Life, that really stuck with me and probably became one of my biggest influences.

What are your plans for the immediate future and any long term goals?

We are currently writing the album, we have actually demoed a couple of tracks from it that are sounding killer at the mo! But we are really pushing ourselves for this one trying to make each and every track really stand out! Making it like a horror movie for the ears! Apart from the recording side we have Bloodstock lined up which we are fuckin’ buzzing about and planning a tour, so a lot more gigs and new stuff coming your way!

Best gig memory?

Hmmm there has been so amazing gigs like playing with Hatebreed and Cerebral Bore, but one of my favourite was playing Oxford at Brutal Punishment 2 FEST! The crowd reaction was awesome! The pit was literally going insane! That entire day was fantastic! Was just a great like up of superb underground talent!!

Today the Sun Dies

Biggest disaster?

We have never really had anything really bad happen (touch wood) but I would say we have played a couple of gigs that haven’t really been promoted very well and ended up literally playing to the other bands, even still though I see this as all events that form and shape the band anyway.

How do you feel about the local music scene? Anything particular that impresses? Or where can it improve?

Newcastle’s local music scene is overflowing with talent! Not just the metal scene either! There is so many undiscovered artists in the north east it’s incredible! I do sometimes feel there is a bit of a competitive divide still, which is inevitable but there is nothing greater than playing with another band when it’s full support for each other which makes any gig more enjoyable again! But definitely get out there and see some gigs! As I said there is sooo many amazing acts in Newcastle, there is no excuse not to!

Next show?

Next show…….. BLOODSTOCK!!!
We can’t wait for this! To be playing alongside some of our biggest influences is an honour!

Who or what is your top tip for local music?

Play as many gigs as possible don’t let anything or anyone break ya determination and have as much fuckin’ fun as possible with it!

Today the Sun Dies – August 2014

Where can people find out more?

To be disgusted and violated more just jump onto our Facebook site or our official site coming very soon!! EP available to stream and/or purchase

GJB – ‘A horror movie for the ears’ that is a perfect description for this band. There’s no such thing as too heavy in my book. These dudes are extremely heavy, not for the faint hearted m/


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