Tombstone Crow – Band of the month July 2014 – INTERVIEW

Band of the month July 2014 – Tombstone Crow

So here we have our band of the month for July 2014. Currently making a big storm around the Northeast and making people aware of proper old school hard rocking, hard riffing, hard drinking, groove metal m/

**Warning contains some swearing and shit, so if easily offended you best not read it!**

Who are you, where are you based?

We’re the Geordie mafia bitch!! haha, Gooday!! We are Geordie metal band Tombstone Crow from Newcastle Upon Tyne!

What got you started?
The band, Brighty (guitars),Slayerdude (drums) and Steve (bass) have been jamming for years under different band names after we all met and picked up instruments at school aged 14.
We knew of Debi (vocals) from her previous band and when they decided to called it quits we got together and started jamming on ideas we had lying around from the past. It came together really quickly and after a few weeks we had a set of originals and covers that we took out to local bars.

Why your band name? Any rejected names?
Brighty came up with the band name long before there was even a band, it was more a cool imagery and a gothic type vibe than anything else and once we started jamming it just seems to suit our style! There were no other ideas for a band name really… we all liked the name straight off the bat, and ‘Awesome and the awesome tones’ is a bit long really innit?!? haha

Tombstone Crow
– Trillians Aug 2014

What was the pivotal thing that got you into music?
For all of us at a young age it was just the excitement of heavier music. we all listend to different things when we were younger,whatever was mainstream at the time. but when you start playing instruments you gravitate towards the cool things to play and for us that was Metallica,Slayer,Pantera etc I guess we just got sick of the shit and wanted something that was out there, and that, brought us together.

What are your plans for the immediate future and any long term goals?
Right know we have our first full length album in the works,entitled ‘Shadows form the Grave’, due out August 2014, we are also working on a video for the first
Single which is called ‘Soul of a Sinner’. To support the albums release we have a tour planned in August that will take us throught the North of England, up into Scotland and then Orkney and Shetland.
We also have a big support slot coming up with Biohazard in August so we are pretty busy! Long term we will finish out the year with a load of shows and smaller tours in the U.K then crack on with writing our next album in 2015.

Best gig memory?
Probably our first big gig in Newcastle. Nobody had really heard about us yet,everyone knew the individual members from previous bands but no one had seen us as Tombstone Crow before. We turned up at Trillians and
the place was packed! we played a stormer and pretty much showed everyone how badass we can be! haha That was pretty fuckin cool!

Biggest disaster?

That would probably be when Debi collapsed onstage the other month! We had just launched into our opening slab of groovage and we were flying! At the end of the tune it drops down really quiet then explodes with debi ripping out a massive scream! The next thing we know, there’s a thud and Debi is out! totally blacked out! The scream was just too metal for one person to handle haha! It was scary at the time and we went to hospital etc but you pick yourself up and move on! Just massive amounts of metal haha!!

How do you feel about the local music scene? Anything particular that impresses? Or where can it improve?

The music scene in the north east right now is alive, well and fuckin’ grooving! There are some great, heavy bands that are representing Geordie/mackem metal and we are all pushing each other and stickin’ together, putting on shows and keepin’ the buzz alive! Thats not saying there’s not shite! Egos and attitude etc, of course there is, always has always will, but bands like Tombstone Crow, Ten Ton Friday, Sorry For Nothing, Witch Charmer and others are really showing what northern music is about!

Next show?
We are grafting on the album at the moment so our next show is with the legendary Biohazard at Trillians on 12th August 2014, Its going to be a fuckin hell of a show! And then off we go on tour!

Where can people find out more?

Check us out at…

GJB – I do quite like Awesome and the Awesome Tones as a bad name. Awesome!

Here’s an old teaser clip they released. Keep an eye out for them m/

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