EnterTheLexicon Band of the month June 2014 – INTERVIEW

Band of the month June 2014 – EnterTheLexicon

Kicking off our brand new monthly mini feature to promote local bands, we have an interview with Mykl from the rather good EnterTheLexicon. They have a refreshed lineup and a fantastic new EP out now on Kill/Hurts, which features a lot of live favourites ‘Enantiodromia’, ‘Do You Feel The Same’ and the anthemic ‘I Am Not You’. So it feels like a perfect time to share this gem of a band with you.

I’ve seen and photoed them a few times now and they always impress me with their brilliant live shows. I was lucky enough to do a rehearsal photoshoot recently and witnessed some of the stunning new material.

Over to Mykl…

Who are you, where are you based?

EnterTheLexicon, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

What got you started?
A love of music.

Why your band name? Any rejected names?

We had a few names in the running but we wanted something that was totally new and EnterTheLexicon was the one.

What was the pivotal thing that got you into music?
Probably after buying a nirvana vinyl for 50p in a charity shop when I was about 14. I took it home and heard the B Side to it which was ‘M.V’ or ‘Moist Vagina’. I 100% fell in love. Two chords…and a fucking great song.

What are your plans for the immediate future and any long term goals?
We’ve got a UK tour coming up for late summer and possibly a trip out to Europe too. Another single and video release then maybe a trip to where our label is based in LA for some gigs out there. Long term, I think just being able to put food in my mouth and get to the next gig. None of the glitzy shit, just enough to be able to play music for a living.

Best gig memory?
Probably supporting Dinosaur Pile Up and Max Raptor, two of our favourite bands, on the same bill with us opening.

Biggest disaster?

At an EP release of ours Ben our drummer put his foot through the bass drum skin from beasting it about 3 songs in. We managed to gaffer tape of coffee reward card thing over it and carry on though.

How do you feel about the local music scene? Anything particular that impresses? Or where can it improve?
I think it’s a mixed bag, there are some amazing bands floating around Newcastle and the surrounding areas but we’re pretty cut off from the rest of the UK. It’s cool because a lot of people know each other so theres a better sense of community and its pretty diverse too. But I think we need to shout a bit louder and get ourselves back on the map properly. More venues solely for new live music maybe, I dunno.

When is your next show?
We’re booking the UK tour so it’ll all be announced soon hopefully!

Where can people find out more?
Pretty much every social media thing with /enterthelexicon



And our site… you guessed it! www.enterthelexicon.com

Who or what is your top tip for local music?
Go and see as many random new bands as you can, you’ll always find a gem that you really dig.

They are picking up quite a good following on the local scene. Momentum is gaining, word of mouth is spreading and the buzz is growing. ‘These guys have everything!’ an audience member told me during their recent EP launch at HMV Newcastle. This lot will go far.


A free download of ‘If I Were Captain’ is available on their website [link type=”URL” url=”www.enterthelexicon.com” new=”true”]enterthelexicon.com[/link]

Check out the awesome video to ‘Do You Feel The Same’ below

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